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Master products
Showline Bar 520Cameleon Bar 24/3DMX T-Bar 6PIXEL BAR 60IPMind Bender Analog Vibrato/Chorus PedalULTRA-DI DI100Showline SL BAR 720ZTSL BAR 520Ultra Bar 10 Plus PakAR2412 AudioRackCyclitesLED Outdoor Pixel Bar 14x30W 3IN1 (LB-14P)Nooklite 650W6416i Pro64 Input ModuleSingle Cell CycSixPack (SP-6)LED TubesP1 Retro LampSUNBEAM FC LED BarDalis 861 WashlightULTRA-DI DI20 Professional Active 2-Channel DI-Box/SplitterLED Tri BarF2 Expression/Volume PedalDelaylab Delay Effects PedalZCL BAR Z300 IPOrion 1 - 1250W CycloramaTwo Timer Dual-Mode Analog Delay PedalPallas 4Skypan 5kSpectra Cyc 400CE20 Chorus EnsembleChromobatten 200 RGB LED FixtureSoul Vibe Rotary Speaker Emulation PedalCrusher High Gain Distortion Pedal120A Servo-Balanced Distribution AmpDDA-212XLR - Dual 1x6 Digital Distribution AmplifierIris 2 Cell CycD400-Dante A-Net DistributorsHui CycDI4 Active 4 Channel Direct Box with Line MixerChromaBatten 100Dalis 860 300W LED Cyclorama / Wall WashAurora Groundrow4-Cell Cyc LightChromabank Mk2db10 Passive Direct BoxSunstrip ActiveSL BAR 640/660AL2430 Integrated Infrared Receiver and System AmplifierIris 3 Cell CycIris 4 Cell CycSingle Cell Cyc LightVB-72P LED BarPixelline 1044 LED Lighting BattenRC20XL Loop StationChromaBatten17Pixel BAR 8Green Screamer Vintage Overdrive PedalLED Pixel Track MKIISelador Vivid-RPIXEL BAR 30IP1788A 8-Channel Remote Controlled Mic Preamplifier1024 Buffer AmplifierSunstrip 2LED Bar II1810B LED Wall WasherPackage of (15) 3-Cell Iris CycsAR-416 Quad Active DI BoxSunbeam 4C Zoom LED BarBoosta Grande Clean Boost PedalEV10 Expression Pedal1788RC Remote ControlMSR604 MKII Microphone/Line Level Distribution SystemPRE Mic Preamp InterfaceChromaBankIPCoda Cyc LightHui FloodAD2022 - Dual Mono Pure Class A PreamplifierA6300 MONITORCENTRAL Headphone AmplifierPIXEL BAR 120IPMolequartz Cyc-StripsMisc Borderlights3-Cell Cyc LightTF1000-S 1,0kW symmetric Theater FloodChroma Bank LED Lighting BattenAR-133 Active DI Box1073 Rackmount & ModuleGroundrow CyclightMisc Track LightsMR16 Mini Strip6416m Mic Input ModuleIris Single Cell CycMini 4 BarFloor Cyc580 Mic PreampMini-MeIDEA LED BAR 10028M Pre-Amplifier/MixerPixelLine 110 LED LightMisc Cyc/Flood Lights