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Shipping Guide

GearSource offers options!

GearSource shipping quotes

Shipping Estimates

Stock item weights and dimensions for a single unit will be used as the bench-mark for calculating shipping costs and that's the amount the Buyer is required to pay.

The seller will receive the new order notification that would instruct them to go to the order and either Accept the amount from the Shipping Estimate or Decline it.

  • If the Seller Accepts, Seller will be responsible for shipping the item(s) quickly and will be paid the amount they agreed to.

  • If the Seller Declines, GearSource will automatically move the order to our internal shipper, GearMoves and the shipping amount collected will be redirected to GearMoves.

  • If the final shipping costs come in at a much higher rate or changes are made to the order that facilitate higher costs in shipping, the buyer is responsible for paying the difference.

GearSource offers free shipping

Offer Free Shipping

As a Seller, offering free shipping is one of the best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Free Shipping means you will “include” shipping in your listing price, into whatever zones you choose. Zones can include various parts of or all of the USA and Canada, Mexico, S America, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. As an example, if you ONLY select the USA, and include Free Shipping, this offer will not be available in any other zones.

However, as you know, shipping is never free. Someone has to pay. To make free shipping work, you have a few options:

  • Increase product prices to cover costs for shipping (customer pays).
  • You pay the full price of shipping out of your margins (you pay).
  • Increase prices of products slightly to cover partial costs of shipping (you and the customer pays).

Additionally, you can also try offering free shipping on a minimum order amount, whether that's a minimum number of items or a minimum dollar value. This strategy can help offset the costs of shipping by helping to increase your average order size, but you’re still the one paying for it out of your margins.

GearSource let's buyers handle their own shipping


Another option is for the Buyer to coordinate their own shipping.

We get it - sometimes its easier to setup shipping yourself. With this option, during checkout a Buyer can select to handle your own shipping. If you don't have a carrier that you regularly work with, GearSource can connect you with our own preferred carrier, GearMoves. You will have full control over the shipment and you’ll get a clear picture of upfront costs! Remember, you will be taking possession of the gear on pick-up as opposed to on delivery to your location and it's important you know that the inspection period starts at the point of possession.

GearSource let's you buy and sell world-wide

Import Duties & Taxes

Goods purchased from a Seller on GearSource.com, and shipped to you from outside your country of residence may be subject to import duties and taxes. The Buyer is responsible for the import process and for paying all import duties and taxes when bringing goods into a country… it is not included in the purchase price. The amount of duties and taxes for an item depends on the item’s value and the purpose of use.

You may feel comfortable preparing your own release and accounting documentation and transacting business directly with the Border Services of the country you are importing to or you may wish to engage a licensed Customs Broker to act as your agent to transact business. It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for the accounting documentation, payment of duties and taxes, and subsequent corrections such as re-determination of classification, origin and valuation even if you use the services of a broker.

More information can be found through your county’s Border Services, usually found on the Government’s website.