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What is the Marketplace Tier Agreement?

The Marketplace Tier Agreement is the agreement between the seller and GearSource that determines the seller's fee structure, responsibilities, thresholds, shipping and payment/payout terms.

The various Marketplace Tiers represent different fee structures sellers can aspire to based on history, volume, level of service required (i.e. assistance with shipping) and also quality and level of service provided to our Buyers. For more information on Marketplace Tier Agreements, schedule a call with a Business Development Representative.

How and when do sellers get paid?

GearSource Payments is now powered by international Financial Services company, Airwallex, a multi-national financial technology (fintech) company and software as a service (SaaS).

GearSource Payments uses an automated process to manage the distribution of incoming payments when an order payment is received in Payment System. Payments are immediately distributed, in the currency of the Seller, by the automated processor, which moves funds according to pre-set proportions. For example: GearSource will receive our marketplace fee and the order taxes, which, in the US and Canada, we are required by law to remit, the seller will receive the listed amount less fees into their "Wallet" and, if shipping was handled by GearMoves, the carrier will receive the shipping amount.

All funds are held until the order reaches the payout threshold, at which point everything releases automatically.

Worth noting:

  • GearSource has NO access to these funds at anytime.
  • The entire flow and process is transparent to the seller at all times.
  • Once the order is in play, our team can assist you with guidance on the timing and flow but can not intervene in the process.

What is the fee breakdown?

Fees are only charged once an order payment is completed.


It doesn’t cost anything to list your item for sale or to get your account connected to our secure GearSource Payments.

Seller Fees:

Seller Fees on GearSource.com, range from 15% to as low as 7% of the total item cost, excluding shipping, fees, & taxes.

Seller fees are determined based on your Marketplace Tier Agreement, which can be seen in the "Seller Details" section of your account when logged in to your Seller Dashboard.

Processing Fee:

A 3.5% processing fee is charged to the seller on all orders. The processing fee is based on the total amount of the order, including taxes and shipping. This fee covers all of the service fees related to the handling of both incoming and outgoing payments, the fraud and security checks as well as the collection and remittance of applicable taxes. All fees are deducted from the seller's final payout prior to release.

Lower seller fees are possible at Marketplace Tier Agreement levels when sales volume, number of active listings, and total sales exceed certain thresholds. For example, a seller with 50+ active listings, handling annual sales of $250,000 USD or more. If you think you may be eligible, please feel free to reach out to our Business Development Team, we'd love to connect!

We also love working directly with manufacturers, dealers, and representatives, who may be unable to sell directly, or manage listings themselves. Don't hesitate to reach out if this applies to you.

GearSource Logistics Services (Optional):

Logistics are provided by our subsidiary GearMoves. For a small 5% increase to your existing listing fee structure, the expert will provide complete logistics services, both domestically and internationally.

GearSource Logistics Services can be added to any of the Marketplace Tier Agreement levels. Reach out to our Customer Experience team if you wish to add Logistics to your account.

What are your accepted payment methods?

"GearSource.com accepts all types of bank transfers, no matter where you are located and in whatever currency you do business in. When scheduling bank transfers, we recommend you verify with your bank that all bank fees will be covered at your end. The amount received by GearSource is what will be applied to your order. If there is a shortfall that leaves an outstanding balance owing on the order, it will not allow the order to be completed."

We also accept all major credit cards and debit however, there is an upper limit per order that can be charged to a credit card. Check with our Customer Experience team for clarification. Be advised, there is a 3% service fee, which is applied at check-out if you choose to pay by credit card.

For security reasons, GearSource cannot accept paper checks or payments over the phone.


How long do I have to provide a shipping quote?

We understand getting a shipping quote may not be available instantly but it does have to be done as quickly as possible, preferably within 24-hours of the request going out. Otherwise, unless prior arrangements were made with GearSource, the order will automatically cancel.

If you are unable to provide your own shipping/logistics, speak with our CX team and we will happily switch your Marketplace Tier Agreement to a GearMoves agreement. An additional 5% will be applied to your current Seller Fee and from that point onward, the GearMoves team will take over the handling of all shipping on your behalf. Use chat or email our CX team - [email protected] and our experienced team will assist you!

How do I add tracking info?

  • First, log in to your seller dashboard at https://dashboard.gearsource.com/

  • Then select Orders from the left-hand side of the screen, locate the order you are looking to provide tracking for and then select "add tracking information".

How does GearSource handle import taxes and duties?

The Buyer is responsible for the import process and for paying all import duties and taxes when bringing goods into a country… it is not included in the purchase price. The amount of import taxes and duties vary depending on the item’s value and the purpose of use, therefore GearSource is unable to quote at the time of sale.

More information is available online via Border Services for the country you are shipping or importing into.

In the USA, Marketplaces are required by law to calculate, collect and remit applicable state taxes on behalf of sellers shipping into any US State as well as between US states. The taxes are charged to, and paid by, the buyer and remitted to state authorities on a monthly basis. GearSource tax system is powered by Avalara/Avatax.

Seller's return policy

GearSource empowers all of our sellers to set up their own individual return policies on an item-by-item basis.

While we require all sellers to maintain a 2 business day inspection window for buyers to report any issues following delivery, anything above and beyond is at each seller's discretion, and GearSource will act to uphold those policies.

How do I set up a return policy?

Your return policy can be set up on a listing-by-listing basis when creating a listing. You will be asked to select an option from the "Warranty" drop-down menu at that time.

These options vary with the minimum offered at 2 business days after delivery. This 2-day window has been created to allow buyers to inspect their item for issues or damages, and often leads to quicker sales, with their safety and satisfaction in mind.

Beyond this one restriction, GearSource will honor the policies you have outlined.

What if there is shipping damage?

In most cases, pending which party paid for shipping, an amicable resolution can be arranged directly with the shipping carrier, provided documentation including photos, etc. can be sent as part of the carrier's claims process.

Regardless, GearSource is here to help in these situations, you can reach us by live chat or email.

Good listing habits

Here are the pro tips that take a listing from good to great, and often lead to faster purchases:

  • Good pictures are better than words

  • Take lots of clear photos, and don't hide the wear and tear, be up front about any issues cosmetic or otherwise

  • Describe your item as accurately as possible — don't rely on the manufactures description. Every piece of gear that’s been used has its own history. A detailed description helps buyers make a more informed decision and understand exactly what they will receive. Make sure to be clear about what IS included and what is NOT included, explain the condition, the age, the voltage, specifications, type of use (touring, rentals, installs, etc), and any defects – anything that could affect the value.

  • Keep your listings up to date — availability is always evolving. If you sold a piece of gear elsewhere, make sure you take it off the site.

  • Equally important... check your pricing and quantities regularly. Used gear pricing changes. You want to make sure your listing is still competitive and in a reasonable range of other similar items.

How do I choose the listing condition?

First, be VERY truthful and realistic in your assessment of the condition of your item - when a potential buyer sees "excellent condition" and what they receive has scratches and dings, it may result in a return at your (the seller's) expense.

Here is how we define each of the available listing conditions:

  • B-Stock – manufacturer listed items that are essentially new, have been returned unused, or are older stock but still retain a manufacturer warranty.

  • Excellent – items are almost entirely free from blemishes and other visual defects, are fully functional, have either not been used or has only been used a few times in a controlled environment.

  • Good Condition items function properly but may exhibit some wear and tear.

  • Fair Condition gear should function but will show noticeable cosmetic damage or require minor repairs or replacement parts.

  • Poor Condition gear may not work properly but could still function with minor repairs and replacement parts.

What's the difference between a listing and a "master product"?

Our listings system is driven by the GearSource “Master Product Database”. Master Products include every piece of gear that anyone might offer for sale. Sellers add their Items under a "Master Product" to make it easier for buyers to research and find what they are looking for.

When you visit a Master Product you will see numerous listings under that item with varying price ranges, conditions, etc., making for a unique and simple shopping experience.

How do I delete or remove a listing?

You can't delete a listing, but you can "Close" it, which removes it from the site. To do that, navigate to the Your Gear section under your account widget. When you find the listing in question click on the three dots in the top right corner. From there you can select Close Listing and it will take it offline.

In the near future we will be enhancing the listings management page for our sellers and you'll have the ability to "Archive" a listing, which will take it out of your view so it doesn't clog up your screen.

Other common questions

What is GearSource?

GearSource.com® is the ONLY Global Marketplace for the sound, lighting, video, and staging industry. We have a global reach with local roots on the ground in North America, Europe, and Asia, and with expertise in the Middle East and South America.

How do I create an account?

To create an account and begin listing, click the "Add a listing" button at the top of this page to get started. We're excited to have you!

How do I reset my account password?

If you forgot your password, simply click "Log In / Register and Forgot password" and follow the instructions.

Placing orders

When you place an order on GearSource.com, the payment of your order is required immediately upon order placement/checkout.

It’s important you are aware that, when you purchase an item on GearSource.com, you’re buying from an independent Seller. Unless you intend to handle your own shipping, shipping to your destination will be estimated, along with the taxes and you will be required to pay for this amount on check-out.

If there is a discrepancy between the estimated amount and the final actual cost, you will be notified by the GearSource Customer Experience team. You will either be credited any difference or will be required to pay for the difference, including any applicable taxes. If you are dissatisfied with a shipping cost, you have has the option to arrange your own shipping or pick-up if it's feasible to do so or you can cancel the order and receive a full refund less payment processing fees.

Orders can only be held for 48 hours without full payment before the order expires and is cancelled. If you require more time, contact our CX team. Until all funds are received, the order will not progress beyond this point and we will not guarantee the gear will be held.

Note: if a Buyer cancels an order at this point or fails to complete the final payment within 2 business days and the order automatically cancels, any payments already made will be refunded less our all payment processing fees.

What are the accepted payment methods?

GearSource.com® accepts bank transfers (wire and ACH) and all major credit cards. GearSource has a credit card limit on all orders of $5,000. Credit transactions are automatically assessed a 3% processing fee. If your order exceeds $5000, you can easily and quickly pay by bank transfer. GearSource does NOT accept checks or payments over the phone.

Why was I charged tax?

In the United States, Marketplaces are required by law to calculate, collect and remit applicable state taxes on behalf of our sellers on shipments into any US State as well as between US states.

If you qualify for tax exemption or if you have a resale certificate in the state where the order will be delivered, please make sure you submit your tax exemption or resale certificate to GearSource. Please note: the certificate name and address must match the name and address on your account on GearSource.com.

In Canada, Canadian GST is currently calculated, collected and remitted for all orders shipping into Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. PST (or HST if applicable) is currently calculated, collected and remitted for Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Other provinces will be added as thresholds are met.

GearSource does not handle import duties or customs fees – the Buyer is responsible for handling import through a Customs Broker or carrier.

The GearSource.com tax system is powered by Avalara/Avatax.

All items selling into any destination outside the United States or Canada are considered inclusive of all taxes. If you have a valid VAT number, please make sure you notify GearSource.com so the Seller can be notified.

How long do I have to make a payment?

When you place an order on GearSource.com, the payment of your order is required immediately. The buyer has 48 hours to submit the Bank's transaction ID number which allows us to track and verify the transaction and alert the seller(s) to hold the gear for you. This number is provided by your bank when you generate the bank transfer.

Until your payment is verified, Sellers have no obligation to hold the item(s). Failure to enter this number may result in your order cancelling and/or the items being sold to another buyer before your payment is completed.

How do I make an offer?

When you see the "Make an Offer" button, you're in luck... it means the seller is entertaining offers.

To Make an Offer on eligible listings:

  1. Select the “Make an Offer” button on the listing, enter or select your “Shipping” information to ensure shipping quotes are accurate

  2. Enter your offer amount (note: lowball offers are automatically rejected)

  3. Click “Submit Offer”

  4. The Seller will receive an email with your offer and has the option to either Accept, Counter-offer or Reject your offer

  5. If accepted, your offer will automatically become an order and you will be required to complete payment

  6. If rejected, the offer will be cancelled, you will be notified and no further action is required on your part

  7. if the Seller counter-offers, you will receive an email with the counter offer — you can accept, reject or counter back and the whole process repeats until it is either accepted and paid or rejected and cancelled.

The Seller and Buyer have 48 hours to accept, decline, or counter an offer. If 48 hours passes without the Seller or Buyer responding, the offer will expire.

If you have ANY questions about an offer or any order process, please click the Chat and one of our CX agents will be happy to assist you.