GearSource tap Patrice Fontaine for French market

With the pandemic finally almost in our rearview (while some markets remain closed), the company will respond to a growing need for gear in some markets, and to move gear out of others.

For almost 20 years now, GearSource has been the “Go-To” site for equipment disposal and to procure great (primarily used) gear. The company has grown to offer the ONLY platform for global transactions, in global currencies, with equipment constantly shuffling throughout every corner of the world. In fact, in any given day, transactions are happening between as many as 20 or more countries on multiple continents.

With an intense focus on global business since its inception, the leadership team also recognize a need for regional support, languages and currencies. Technology certainly helps, but the human side remains critical.

To add to its regional presence in the USA, Canada, Asia, Spain and Greece, GearSource now adds an Area Developer for France as well!

Patrice Fontaine has an extensive background in the Live Evens industry, having worked in France with equipment suppliers including us-based VER and NEP owned Faber AV.  GearSource VP of Business Development, Brad Nelms says; “I’m excited to bring Patrice onto our team.  He’s incredibly well connected in the French market, has extensive industry experience, and excellent customer service skills.  With his contributions, we’re expecting to increase our platform in France exponentially over the next few years.”. Patrice will be based from his home in Lyon, and will spearhead the company’s relationships with both Sellers and Buyers. .

The company continues to seek out Area Developers to manage developing markets in various parts of the world. For more information on the AD program, contact Brad Nelms, [email protected]