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Master products
EF508 SpeakerE15 - 15-inch / 1-inch Passive LoudspeakerVX 8M 8" Dual Concentric Full Range LoudspeakerMagnum HazerJem Ready 365HERCULES 6.5 PLUS Lifting TowerElite EX401 LoudspeakerSP Pro Series Tower Series - 12inUnique HazerE2152 LoudspeakerSTAGEPAS 600i Portable PA SystemHaze GeneratorGround Support and Rigging TowersAL-8 Compact Line Array SystemVX 15Q / VX 15Q-WH 15" PowerDual Full Range LoudspeakerHurricane Haze 4DTowers and Control System12" Ground Support SystemStagepas 400 Complete Mini PA SystemWET228 Weather-Resistant Quasi 3-Way Full Range LoudspeakerHZ1000 Haze MachineVX 8.2 8" Dual Concentric Full Range LoudspeakerHZ350 Haze MachineNeutron Pro HazerMVS SMART HazerGround Support Tower SystemsJem ZR24/7 HazerATMOSPHERE HO Haze MachineBaseHazer ProBase Hazer ProHQ-100 Performance HazerJem Compact Hazer ProAmhaze Water-Based Haze MachinePA Tower SystemF34 Baby TowerF4 FazerJem K1 HazerMVS HazerAtmosphere HazerStageHazerZR 24/7 HazerCubic Series Line Array SystemLine Array TowerAmhaze II Water-Based Haze MachineVX-12 Line ArrayHurricane Haze 1DXX515 PRO FazerUnique 2 HazerJEM Hazer ProZLX-15P 15" Powered LoudspeakerTitan X15 LoudspeakerAmhaze Studio Haze MachineIdea Fazer 1000Ultimate 2000 DMXF1 PRO Touring FazerThe Pea Soup Phantom HazerHZ500 Haze MachineTX4 LoudspeakerIdea Hazer 400MSR100 Powered SpeakerHazeMasterF5D FazerDF50 Diffusion HazerVTX V25-II Full Size 3-Way High-Directivity Line ArrayAMHAZE WhisperE1004 LoudspeakerXT-33 Passive LoudspeakerVX 15HP / VX 15HP-WH 15" PowerDual Full Range LoudspeakerC215V LoudspeakersGround Support TowersRadiance Haze MachineATMe Haze GeneratorGS TowerX310 PRO FazerW3 Arrayable Three-Way Compact Trapezoid SystemEcoHazerZ350 FazerVXP 12 / VXP 12-WH 12" Dual Concentric Powered Sound Reinforcement LoudspeakerRoof Top Ground Support Trussing SystemTrueLine V8 Line Array LoudspeakerVX 12Q 12" PowerDual Full Range LoudspeakerF5 FazerVXP 6 6" Dual Concentric Powered Sound Reinforcement Loudspeakeri-2×4.5 Dual 4.5-inch Surface-Mount Foreground LoudspeakerEventer Stage LiftsTower 1000S115VIF2115/64 Installation Series SpeakerAtmosphere APS Series HazerEntour Haze ProEntour FazeXTC 3-Way Biamplified LoudspeakerNeutron Xs HazerX3 Three-way high-Q horizontal ArrayX-310PRO FazerVXP 15HP-WH 15" PowerDual Powered Sound Reinforcement LoudspeakerHZ400 Professional DMX Haze MachineProgramme 108/108T SpeakerXD12 12" Passive High Performance Two-way Portable LoudspeakerIF3115/64 Installation Series