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Master products
AE2400 UL Ultra Series Digital DimmerDP-415R 4-channel Dimmer/Switch PackFlicker DimmerAnaconda 600W DimmerDP-640B - 6 Channel Hybrid Pack2408CD Dimmer PackAS42D 4-Channel Compact DMX Light DimmerMicrorack 25 Digital DimmerEURORACK 60Sensor+ SineWave Dimmer ModulesSensor+ Installation RackELP12 rackmount dimmerAnalog Control ModuleSmartBar Dimmer StripIPS Dimmer BoxSensor MPEdimMA Compact RCBO Module2.4K L86 Dimmer RackStraight Touring Dimmer RackACTOR 616ProDim 2.5 Single Channel Dimming SystemDimension 192 Control ModuleSensor Portable Pack SP2420BV+Eurorack 50 plus48 Way Sensor Touring RackSensor Dimmer ModulesSensor+ Touring Racks48 Channel 2.4k Sensor Dimmer RackFD Dimmer RackD20 Dimmer ModuleD4 HP DimmerViewpoint Control PanelSmartBar 2Cyber Pak - 4 Channel Dimmer / Relay PackUni Pak II Dimmer Pack2.4k Dimmer PackMX SCR Dimmer ModuleChase Bar IECDP-DMX20L Dimmer/Switch Pack24 x 2.4K Sensor Dimmer PackDimmex Multi-Link Dimmer PacksED15 4 Channel Dimmer Pack12 x 2.4K Sensor Dimmer PackAlphapack 312 x 6K Sensor Dimmer PackSA12/1200 Bravo Series Dimmer PackSA12/2400 Bravo Series Dimmer PackENR Dimmer ModuleR20AF Dimmer ModuleSCRimmer StikAlex M 2.5 kVA DimmingTM6-600 Portable Dimmer PackArt 2000 Power CubeUni Bar 1 Channel DimmerTouring Dimming RackDMX8DIM Dimmer6x6K PIN Sensor DimmerSensor 96 Touring RackSPI Dimmer ModulesENR Portable RacksL86 EM264 Control ModuleACTOR 716Dimension 192 Dimmer ModuleMX SCR Dimmer ModuleMEMORACK 15dmXLAN node6xMEMORACK 30Dimmer Rack 48 x 2.4kDimmer DoublingTouring Rack 48 X 2.4kDMX Relay PackART 2000i 24 x 16A + PatchAS40L Portable DimmerSmartModuleOmega Touring SystemSensor Touring Dimmer RackSmartPack Dimmer Pack24 Channel 2.4k Sensor Dimmer RackSCRimmer II Power PackMX Dimmer SystemSmartPack Portable PacksT20F LED/Halogen Par Chase PackDPDMX20L Dimmer PackDMX6REL15A RelaySHoW DMX DimmersDS-2 RF DMX DimmerAirstream Wifi PackBak Pack Dimmer 750ART2000 Dimming SystemGleamerAS42L Portable DimmerEUROLIGHT LD6230 Dimmer PackSensor3 Portable Packs24 x 1.2k Dimmer RackSensor Control Electronics Module (CEM)Dimmer RackL86 Dimmer ModuleSensor3 ThruPower Module (TR20SAF)12 x 2.4K Sensor Pack (2P&G only)WDS Personal Dimmer