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Master products
G-1 Beam Moving HeadVL2402 Wash LuminaireVizi Hex Wash7ZW37 LED Moving Head Beam/WashFollowspot 1200UNO LED Moving LightIdea Wash 300VLX3 Wash LuminaireVLX Wash Moving LightsZW37-II LED Moving HeadCOLORado Batten Quad-9 TourVL3500 Wash LuminaireCOLORado Ridge IPPhantom 250 Wash CMYCOLORado Batten 72 TourCT-APP Adjustable Support PointRogue Outcast 1 BeamWashREDWash 3•192 Wash LightColorWash 700E ATAurora Moving Head LightIdea Wash 575COLORdash Par TriCOLORado Batten 144 TourXS 200 Rotating Moving HeadCOLORado Zoom TourVizi Hybrid 16RX Moving HeadMiniBigSupersharpy Moving HeadYX-2101 Zoom Moving Head 1200wSpikie LED WashBeamDJ Bank LED Lighting FixtureCOLORado 4 IPVL2416 WashSolaPix 37VL500 WashZonda 9 FXVL2000 Wash LuminaireBeamer Moving HeadCOLORstripVL500A WashVL4000 BeamWashLittlebigGenio Mobile Moving Compact WashCOLORdash Par-Hex 12F1200 HurricaneBiglite 4.5KSyncroMITE Beam Moving Head Stage LightVizi CMY 16RX Moving HeadShowline SL WASH 180DMX SplitterSpikie+D-Fi 2.0VL3000Q WashVL3000 WashVL1100 LEDVizi Q Wash7 Moving Head Wash FixtureSolaWash 19COLORtube 3.0 EQXS700 Wash/CCOLORado 2-Quad Zoom VW TourVL500 80V WashCS1 575W Moving Head Wash Light ProjectorCOLORado Zoom WW TourCOLORado 2 Zoom TourCOLORband PIX-MCOLORado Panel Indoor/Outdoor WashXP300 LED RGBWIdea Wash 700DMX-4 DMX Dimmer/Relay PackEPIX Drive 642ZCL 360iVizi Wash Pro LED Wash FixtureWash 575 tm Moving HeadCOLORbarVL2600 WASHGiotto Wash 400 Lighting FixturesEgg Strobe Lighting FixtureCOLORado Batten Quad-9 IPShowline SL HYDRUS 350Freedom Par Tri-6VL550D WashVL3500 Wash FXCOLORdash Par-Hex 7Idea Moving LED 100COLORdash BlockVLZ Wash Moving LightVL500D WashDMX COLORado 1 Wash LightSolaWash 37XtylosSparx 10 LED WashlightWash Pro 700SolaHyBeam 3000YX-320 Color MIX Moving 4000COLORado 3 Wash LightDMX COLORado 1 Wash Light PackageIdea Moving LED 300Hurricane Haze 2DGiotto Wash 1200 Lighting FixtureSharpy Plus