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Product description

Used, refurbished pre-production model VHD5.0 system with amplifiers.


Core system ONLY - formerly used on a fixed installation. No flybars, downfills, wheelboards or rackmount accessories.


Compatible with all rigging accessories, downfills, amplifiers of production model VHD5.0 system.


Main distinction of this model is that it uses Amphenol EP4 + EP6 connectors rather than LINK multipin connectors as shown on KV2 Audio website.


Offer includes:

2x VHD5.0 Speakers

6x VHD8.10 Speakers

2x VHD5000 M Amplifiers

2x VHD5000 S Amplifiers


ABOUT KV2 Audio's VHD5.0 system:


For some time now line arrays have been predominantly used for large concert sound systems. Having all components in a single axis array has solved certain issues in respect to comb filtering problems in the horizontal plane, but destructive interference still occurs from the multiple HF horns mounted vertically. The loss of high frequencies and cancellations through air disturbance caused by audience heat and wind is another major issue. Manufacturers have attempted to correct these problems in numerous ways both through acoustic design and DSP, however the end result has been further reductions in resolution, due to the limitations of digital sampling and the simple principles of physics that cannot be ignored.


At KV2 we believe that definition equals distance and the higher the reproduction quality of the source, the better the intelligibility over distance. The theory that line arrays have less losses over distance than point source is not only incorrect, but somewhat irrelevant if the sound is not intelligible at the back of the venue anyway. To achieve the high definition needed to cover long distances we have focused on developing unique hybrid processing, which takes the very best available technologies in both the analogue and digital domains, advancing system design to a whole new level. The end result is ultimate resolution, Very High Definition sound, impulse accuracy and phase coherent audio arriving at the listening position, even over long distance.

To cover very large crowds you need a large system capable of delivering high SPL, running multiple components. To do this, as one large point source enclosure is somewhat difficult as it would be almost impossible to move around or transport. With the VHD5 Constant Power Point Source Array, KV2 has focused on creating a modular system that has minimal destructive interference while utilising multiple components in a small number of cabinets. VHD8.10 Low Mid Expansion Boxes are arrayed around the VHD5.0 Mid High Enclosure providing the extra headroom needed to deliver the low mids, keeping the sound balanced.


In essence the system is pieced together to represent one very large point source, each part of the system is proportional in size to the frequency wavelengths it reproduces. The radiated power of each bandwidth therefore remains consistent and balanced in relevance to the overall frequency response. This ensures the same sound is delivered to every seat in the house. The high frequency horn in the VHD5.0 combines three 3” NVPD (Nitrate Vapour Particle Deposition) Titanium Drivers on a special manifold horn with summing wave‑guide. Delivering incredible output with extremely low distortion, this unique horn assembly provides crystal clear highs over distance with much higher resistance to air disturbances.



KV2 Audio


2 Days




240V 60Hz












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About the manufacturer

Today we live in a world that has compromised audio quality. Technological advancements now try to bend the rules of physics, focus on slick user interfaces and create virtual equipment in an effort to save space and money. Digital Sound Processing is everywhere, manufacturers strive to control ever...

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