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Codex Vault S CDX-6080 with 8TB storage module, like new condition. Custom codex flight case, all cables, power supply included. The unit includes The Process Module, Storage Module & Archive Module. Ships in a custom codex case, screen protector, power supply, power cable, data cable. It has an internal 8TB storage module and an a LTO archive module to backup the footage. It was only for one production. We have two units available. Preference preferred to offers for both units. Make an offer, was over $35,000 when purchased new! From Codex: Imagine a world where the loader returns to the darkroom to process footage – a digital darkroom that systematically takes all of what post requires, all that the studio requires, and all that production requires and formulates it into a small powerful black box. The Vault is just that. “THE POWER OF THE VAULT” The Vault is able to clone and transcode Arri RAW or Canon 4K RAW files. It will also support MJPEG 1DC CF cards, RED Epic cards, Alexa SxS Cards, etc. It can support a multitude of files from Arri cameras (Arri Classic and Arri XT cameras) Canon cameras (C300, C500, C700), Phantom Cameras, Sony Cameras (Sony F23, F35, & F65), and more as it can also record and transcode uncompressed 444 and uncompressed Wavelet HD. Set it to transcode for editorial, create time code burn ins, back up the media on an internal raid array, as well as backing it up on dual LTO-5 (linear tape open) tape drives using LTFS (linear tape file system) with a full verification and redundancy check. All of this was set up ahead of time. If can also synch audio into video clips, apply meta data to files, or apply burn-in looks or LUTs to raw files / footage before transcoding to ProRes or DNxHD. Original Press Release: “Codex Vault Addresses Workflow for ARRI Alexa, Sony F65, and More If you're developing an on-set media-management workflow for high-end digital cameras like the ARRI Alexa and the Sony F65, add the Codex Vault, now shipping from Codex Digital, to your potential shopping list. In its most basic configuration, the $20,000 Vault S Process is designed to ingest camera data via Codex Datapack (like those found in the Codex M recorders), Codex Capture Drive (like the ones in the new Onboard S recorders) or SxS card and export Avid DNxHD (MXF) and Apple ProRes formats with preset LUTs, overlay burn-ins, and more. For another $10,000, you can upgrade to either the Vault S Process + Storage, which includes 8 TB of internal storage, or the Vault S Process + Archive, which includes dual LTO-5 drives along with Codex Offload and Conform software for archiving to LTFS or TAR. A cool $40,000 for the Vault S Process + Storage + Archive buys it all. (You didn't think working with the Alexa or the F65 was going to be cheap, did you?) At NAB, Codex demonstrated the workflow, which is meant to remove the need for an expert user to handle every aspect of the data-wrangling process. Instead, an administrator sets up "templates" controlling the on-set workflow — cloning, transcoding, backing up — and specifying deliverables so that tasks can be fired off easily as new media is inserted in the system. The process is controlled via a pop-up 10.4-inch multi-touch widescreen backlit-LED display with reasonably helpful prompts that guide a user through the process. An on-screen "shot gallery" will give you an idea what's on the media you're working with, and an "OK/NOT SURE" dialog option lets you set a flag to remind you later that you need to double-check something before signing off on a given task. The final step in the workflow uses the new 1 TB Codex Transfer Drives, introduced in tandem with the Codex Vault, to send data back to post, instead of using datapacks (max capacity: 512 GB) or capture drives (max capacity: 480 GB) that could be better used on set. The Vault has one Datapack port, four Codex Capture Driv slots, two Codex Transfer Drive ports, and two SxS card slots.“ IMDB list of film shot “with codex” https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?companies=co0294826&ref_=adv_prv Most films in the above list have been shot with Arri Alexa variations (either XT arri cameras that recorded to codex capture drives or classic Arri cameras that recorder to Codex Onboard M or S recorders) - (ArriRaw through Codex or CanonRaw) although the cameras vary.







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CODEX, an Emmy® award-winning brand and part of the X2X Media Group, creates high-performance recording media, workflow tools, and production solutions to support leading camera manufacturers and key creatives for feature, television, and commercial production. CODEX has won two Engineering Emmy’s....

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