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Product description

This is a used 96 channel D5 in fantastic working condition. Includes I/O rack, cables and road cases. The D5 Live is a 96-channel work surface and comes with one remote (stage rack) Digirack, which contains the 56 A/D and 8 D/A converters (56EX version). Connection to the console is via fiber optic cable, with 150m provided with the system. A second Digirack, which sits next to the console, provides 56 external ins/outs for inserts, effect sends, local monitoring or playback. The 112EX D5 adds a second stage rack with 56 A/D and 8 D/A. The DiGiCo EX is packaged as a cost effective, complete road system with control surface, and a reel of fiber to connect the stage with front of house and with onboard FX and IPC (32 output processors). The design of the D5 provides an intuitive user interface that is highlighted with the use of four LCD TFT color touch screens. All four-touch screens are pressure sensitive, so you must slightly press the screen to select a control or change a setting. Each screen shows the settings of eight input channels with a combination of LCD buttons that provide real control of all functions to every input. Under the screens, there are three rows of assignable rotary controls; well-designed and give you the option of having control of the most often used physical controls desired. Each input channel has its own analog input gain, digital trim and gain tracking switch and presets, along with phase reverse, phantom power, six-band EQ. A delay function enables you to add up to 240ms of delay to any of the input channels. The dynamics section for each input is activated with another press of the screen, displaying all the settings for the compressor/limiter and gating functions. The D5 Live's output section is displayed in a similar fashion to the input blocks, only with 16 output or control group faders. A touch screen has dedicated control sections for metering talkback, snapshots, monitoring, matrix (38 x 8), and a master fader. This screen can also show system function, saved shows, console layout, automation snapshots, control groups, matrix layout, effects, and a general system setup display. The D5 effects card features its own dedicated DSP engine that allows you to run up to six digital effects per channel simultaneously without any load being placed on the console's central DSP engine.





30 Days


Corporate Events


Auto-Switching 120-240V 50-60Hz













About the manufacturer

In a world as competitive for engineers as it is for console owners, you want the best tools you can lay your hands on. You also want a console and audio tools as well thought out for every major application as they are designed for the art and science of sound engineering.

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