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About Item Start your streaming adventure: Get everything you need to begin your podcasting, broadcasting, and live streaming with this recording microphone kit. Use the V- 8 Sound Card set to create professional or humorous podcasts, add humor to your online show, or change your voice in gaming. A great digital gift for family, friends, and live stream enthusiasts. Convenient and user-friendly: This all-in-one kit features USB sound card mixer, providing high-fidelity sound quality and adjustable vocals and sound effects. The included studio recording microphone is easy to use with no driver required; just plug it into your PC/ laptop and start recording. The mic is ideal for a microphone for singing and gaming. High-quality audio: The Condenser recording microphone bundle is equipped with a professional sound chipset for capturing your voice in great detail. The cardioid pickup pattern is ideal for recording podcasts, live streaming, vocals, voiceovers, and more, delivering a rich and mellow sound directly from the front of the microphone. Versatile recording studio set: This voice changer offers multiple sound effects and can be connected to various devices like computers and laptops. Change your voice on the go for chatting, live streaming, signing, or making videos on different platforms. The podcast recording microphone bundle adds more fun and creativity to your recordings. You Will Get: Recording Microphone, Sponge foam, Wire, Shock Mount, Tripod Stand, Pop Filter, Arm stand, USB Cable, and Mixer. Product Description The RM 8 BG, a whole new live-streaming kit, is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to start their podcasting, live streaming, or recording journey. The all-in-one kit includes a powerful and versatile sound card, and recording microphone, providing high-fidelity sound quality with adjustable vocal and sound effects. The recording microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern that is ideal for recording podcasts, vocals, and other vocal works. With no driver required and an easy plug-and-play setup, you can start recording on your PC/ laptop in no time. The voice changer also offers multiple sound effects, making your recordings more creative and fun. Get the whole new live streaming kit and start a new adventure today. Features Pop Filter Adjustable arm stands Versatile application Professional shock mount The professional microphone pop filter features a double-layer design and high-density grid to effectively reduce popping noise, wind interference, and saliva spray during recording, podcasting, or live streaming, ensuring high-quality sound. The professional recording microphone arm stand is adjustable, providing the best position for your streaming and podcasting or recording. The stand is equipped with a clamp to attach it to your desktop for stability. Our mic is well suited to be used as a microphone for singing and gaming. Microphone is great for capturing vocals, acoustic guitars, acoustic pianos, and even strings with its wide frequency response and ability to capture subtleties and nuances accurately. The 5 Core professional shock mount isolates the condenser recording microphone from the workbench, reducing vibrations and creating a better recording environment. Technical specification: Color- Black Mic- Condenser Pickup- Cardioid Cable- USB cable Arm stand- Adjustable Numbers of sound effects: 12 Foam- High-Density Foam Cover Package Information: 1 x Condenser Microphone 1 x Sponge foam 1 x New kind wire 1 x Shock Mount 1 x Tripod Stand 1 x Pop filter 1 x Arm Stand 1 x USB cable 1 x Mixer



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