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About Item Powerful: 5 Core's megaphone speaker delivers a powerful 20W output, allowing for coverage of up to 300 meters. Say goodbye to straining your voice to be heard and command the crowd with ease using our bull horn loud speaker. Flexible: This compact mega phone speaker is designed to be used indoors and outdoors by fire officers, mentors, police, cheerleaders, schools, sports teams, event organizers, and more for various purposes. Portable: The megaphone speaker is conveniently portable with its lightweight design, ergonomic handle, and carrying strap; this mega phone speaker is perfect for individuals on the move. User-friendly: The battery is rechargeable, and adjusting the volume is as simple as pushing a button. There are also separate buttons to activate the Siren, Record, and Play functions. Versatile: Our megafono bull horn loud speaker with a rechargeable battery is lightweight and easy to carry. Ideal for anyone looking to amplify their voice. The siren and recording function adds an extra level of versatility. Product Description Introducing the 5 Core megaphone speaker bull horn, the ultimate tool for amplifying your voice and music in outdoor settings. This powerful megafono offers a loud and clear sound projection that can reach up to 300 meters, making it perfect for sports events, protests, emergencies, and more. With a 5 Core handheld megaphone speaker, you can effectively communicate in various situations, whether it be organizing a neighborhood event, participating in political protests, playing pranks, cheering on a sports team, or scaring away animals. The portable and easy-to-use mega phone speaker design makes it a versatile tool for any situation. Imagine the possibilities with your own personal megaphone! Features Clear audio Better grip & lightweight Multifunction Siren mode This professional megaphone boasts exceptional sound quality and an impressive range, allowing you to be heard up to 300 meters away. Amplify your voice with ease and confidence using this bullhorn. This portable megaphone is designed for convenience and ease of use, featuring an ergonomic grip and lightweight construction. It has a convenient carrying strap and can be powered by rechargeable batteries. This bullhorn megaphone is a versatile tool that can be used in various settings. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities; this megaphone is a valuable addition to any organization or event. The 5 Core 20R-USB WoB 2Pcs megaphone bullhorn is designed with a built-in siren alarm mode, which amplifies an emergency tone with adjustable volume control. The megaphone speaker allows you to be heard loud and clear. Technical Specifications: *Material - Fresh ABS *Size - Dia 200x325mm *Dry Cell - 6x1.5V (size D) *Power - 20W *Sound Coverage - 300 M *Microphone - Unidirectional *Input - Dedicated Microphone *Weight - 1.20 Kg(without Cell) Package includes: 2x Megaphone



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