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About Item 800W Power: The compression Horn Driver unit is highly efficient With 80-watt RMS and 800W PMPO. This means that this audio tweeter unit can produce clean and loud sound with relatively little power. 160Hz - 7KHz Frequency: The Screw On Timpano Speaker driver can produce sound waves over a wide range of frequencies, from the low end of the audio spectrum to the high end. This allows the compression horn driver unit to reproduce a wide range of sounds accurately.. Efficient & Powerful: The 5 Core Audio Tweeters are very sensitive, meaning they are able to produce a lot of sound pressure with very little input power. This makes them well-suited for use in high-volume situations where a lot of sounds are needed. Directional pattern: The Horn Driver Unit has a directional pattern, meaning that they produce sound waves that are focused in a specific direction. This makes them ideal for use in situations where precise sound directionally is desired like in concert venues, rallies, or theater environments. 16 OHM & Weather Proof: The 16 OHMS audio tweeter is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of nature. They are made from high-quality, durable material that makes them waterproof and Sun-proof. Product Description Made from heavy-duty aluminum, the audio tweeter horn body is strong and founded upon a rugged construction. The aluminum body and rigidness of the horn driver unit elevate the life expectancy of the horn driver unit or the compression driver. Combined with the Stainless Steel screws, this unit is extremely corrosion-resistant in case water ever reaches it. With its versatility and superior sound quality, it is easy to see why the horn driver unit remains an important feature of many modern PA systems today. Whether you need a reliable public broadcasting system or a good set of high-quality tweeters for your studio, the 5 Core Horn driver unit will be perfect for these applications. Providing a loud and polished professional touch to your audio system. Features Excellent Audio Weatherproof Efficient Versatile Engineered and designed by a highly professional R&D team. This is one of a kind audio tweeter with a proven record of delivering fantastic results. 16 OHMS high-efficiency compression horn driver that can withstand the force of nature effectively. Ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. This audio tweeter doesn’t draw much power from your audio receivers or amplifier. This ensures your audio equipment’s longevity. The horn driver unit is compact in size. Thus it does not take a lot of space to install. You can use it as a public PA system, add it to your home studio, use it as a broadcasting speaker in the office, etc. Technical Specification: Frequency: 160Hz - 7KHz Ohms: 16 RMS: 80W PMPO: 800W Body- Aluminium Package Includes: 1x horn driver



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