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About Item 35-watt power: This heavy-duty PA horn speaker allows you to amplify your sound with clarity. Its 35-watt power output is enough to achieve your desired loudness, so you can play your favorite tracks as loudly as you want, all while showcasing your style. 400Hz - 5KHz Frequency Response: The 5 Core 12-inch compact PA loud speaker has an impressive frequency range of 400Hz to 5KHz, making it efficient enough to achieve your desired response. It has an 8-ohm impedance, 102dB SPL, and a full-range sound reproduction capability. Easy installation: With the mounting bracket and hardware included, installation of this mountable public address power horn speaker outdoor PA speaker is easy. The power horn measures 12" x12"x12.5" D, making it compact and easy to incorporate into your existing sound system. Acoustics ABS Design: This compact horn loudspeaker music horn speaker features a dynamic structure made of acoustics ABS design. The heavy-duty housing and structure provide a strong foundation, and it is super easy to mount and install to your existing sound system. Aluminum Clamp: The heavy-duty aluminum clamp on the PA loud speaker allows for easy installation in various locations such as walls, boats/ships, gardens, open grounds, schools, colleges, safety drills, ambulances, police cars, public addressing movements, and more. Product Description With its high-powered sound and full-range frequency response of 400Hz to 5KHz, this compact PA horn speaker is capable of producing crystal-clear and powerful sound, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for Your audio system, the 5 Core PA Gypsy horn comes equipped with a powerful transformer, allowing you to project your voice far and wide. Plus, with its easy installation and durable aluminum clamp, you can easily install the PA loudspeaker in various locations, from walls to open grounds, trucks, boats, and more. At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority—a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984. PA loud speaker Features Powerful Sound Durable audio horn Versatile use Efficient performance With a 35-Watt power output and full-range frequency response, this PA speaker horn delivers crystal clear and high-powered sound that can be heard far and wide. The heavy-duty aluminum clamp ensures your power horn speaker stays securely in place, even in rough or outdoor environments. Whether you use it for safety drills, public addressing movements, college events, or outdoor parties, this PA horn speaker is designed to handle various applications. The compact loud hailer performs efficiently. It produces clear and powerful sound with minimal distortion or interference, even at high volumes. Technical Specification: Power/Load Rating: 35 Watts RMS Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms Dimensions: 12" W x12" H x12.5" D Color: Grey/ Gray Frequency Range: 400 Hz - 5 KHz Package information: 1x PA horn 1x Mounting bracket



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