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This ad is for the stage only. There is nothing more included. Anything you see on the stage does not come with it but will be for sale at some point. 


The stage itself is 16' x 16' x 30" tall at it's highest but can be adjusted down about 6" I believe. It is (2) 4' x 8' panels wide x (4) 4' x 8' panels deep. 6 panels are aluminum frames with 3/4" plywood that were replaced and painted black last year. The other 2 panels and the steps are aluminum frames with black high density polyethylene panels. If I was going to keep it I would put painted plywood back in the stage panels. They feel "spongey" when you walk across them and I don't like it. I was trying the HDPE to see if I could find something that was waterproof. 


The stage panel cross supports are all aluminum frames. Looking straight at the stage, the supports from left to right are 8' long and front to back are 4' long. We lost 2 of the 4' supports and had to have replacements built out of steel. Some are missing their pins but we just put bolts in the ones that are missing. All of the vertical supports that support the cross supports are 1" diameter steel all thread with 4"x4" feet that have a large wing nut on them to adjust the cross supports up and down. I also have (2) 55 gallon drums of wood shims that would go under the feet to help compensate for uneven or soft ground. Basically, you put the steel all thread foot on the ground or wood shim, drop a aluminum pipe with holes for the cross-support pins to slide into, slide the cross support with pins into the aluminum pipes, then put the stage panels on the cross supports. 


The overhead truss system can be either 20'x20' or 20'x30' wide. Each corner of the overhead truss system is an aluminum box that slides over the uprights. It goes up and down but the rollers in each box do need replacing. It works as it is so I just never got around to replacing them. The overhead truss is raised by 1 ton chain falls that attach to the uprights. They do work but I was planning on replacing them if I was going to do another event. They were left outside and have gotten rusty and nasty. 


The (4) feet for the corners of the uprights are about 3' tall and each corner of the feet have all thread adjustment bolts which do need some work done on them, but they do work. The tops of the feet fold over so you can attach the uprights and raise them up. I would put 12' on the front and a 10' on the back so I could slope the roof back. Each upright is supported by (2-3) outriggers for added support. The have all thread adjustments on each corner that work but need some attention. 


The top is 20' x 20' and is made out of a heavy canvas material. Each corner is notched to go around the uprights. I would zip tie the edges to the overhead truss. I also have a 20' long truss I would put in the middle to slope the top when there was a chance of rain. I would also run 2" ratchet straps from left to right across the top to support the top. I don't have the rachet straps anymore. 


Approx parts list as I used it:

 Truss System: 

(4) Feet Corners approx 3' tall with fold over tops 

(2) 12' uprights (2) 10' uprights 

(2) additional 10' uprights 

(4) corner boxes for overhead truss system 

(8) 10' truss to build the overhead truss 

(2) 10' truss I set on the middle of the overhead to create a peak for the canvas roof The overhead, upright, and extras can be reconfigured to make the overhead different sizes. I never made it taller than 12' on the front and 10' on the rear. 

(1) 20'x20' canvas roof 



(8) 4'x8' stage panels 

(10) 8' long stage supports 

(12) 4' long stage supports 

(15) pipe supports that fit over the all thread feet which the stage supports attach to (15) all thread feet (2) 55 gallon drums of wood shims of various sizes. Some are 12"x12"x1/2" plywood, some are 2"x12"x12", and others are various sizes and thicknesses (1) 5 gallon bucket of extra bolts for bolting the stage together. Bolts are always getting lost. I am the 2nd owner and have had the stage for about 10 years. It was used primarily for large event fishing tournaments. It is a well-used stage that has served me well. There are things that need repairing but nothing that prevented me from using it. I could load it up now and use it for an event. The previous owner was out of New Jersey said this was part of a much larger stage that he broke up and sold. He travelled all over the U.S. doing stage work. The stage is not put together. It is disassembled. You will need a trailer to carry everything on. I used a 20' car trailer to tetris stack it on. I believe this covers everything about the stage. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask





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