SR40 Roof System

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    The Saddle Roofs are designed to be set up on single steel bases which can be connected with a compression beam which reduces the ballast requirements or can be set up with integrated bases (ballast safes) in any kind of steel scaffolding stage. The top c

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    Quik Stage Portable Stage Decks are the perfect solution to create Drum Risers or Camera Platforms at an affordable cost to you. Available in many sizes, Quik Stage Drum Risers and Camera Platforms offer a quick and easy set-up, professional quality, appe

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    Carrymate Safety Grips

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    The unloading and transportation of sheet materials to their installation sites is not only time-consuming but also very strenuous. Smooth surfaces make it difficult to securely carry the material, especially through narrow passages or across uneven groun

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    4’x8′ Stage Deck

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    With Smartstage decks, your imagination is the limit to what you can build. Our platforms can span pools, do mega concert venues, truck loading docks, dancefloors, over rough land, walls, and bult at all different levels for cameras, seating or choirs. Yo

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    Loading Ramps

    TAF loading ramps are made of aluminium profiles specially designed to cope with high loads. We offer a wide range of truck ramps that can be modified in dimensions to fit our clients needs. Our standardly produced ramps come in the following width dimens

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    Staging Platforms

    Staging platforms are undeniably an important item for anyone who needs to cover any kind of event. The platforms together with TAF trussing segments fulfill any needs to create any size set ups.  STH stages

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    Geodesic Dome Roof System

    Geodesic Dome Roof System. See individual listings for item specific details.

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    Pacific Dome 27m (90ft)

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    A grand partial-spherical white event tent based on the geodesic principles provides unique temporary venue for your occasion. Great visibility and memorability creates unforgettable experience for the audience from the outside as well as from the inside.

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    Standard Fixed Height Stage Legs

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    We stock 11 different sizes of fixed height standard stage legs with 2" adjustable screw feet for fine leveling. Those sizes are: 6", 8", 12", 14", 16", 18", 24", 32", 36", 40", and 48" high. Sta

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    FR-2402 Fold & Roll Riser

    BY : StageRight In : Staging

    Save set up time with StageRight’s Fold and Roll Stage Riser, the FR-2402. Just roll it to the event location and unfold it. While the FR-2402 is in the transport position, the low profile provides better visibility over the top and its low center of grav

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    Modular Stairs

    BY : Prolyte In : Staging

    Separate stair units can be combined to create a stair of any desired height in steps of 20 cm by simply bolting the stairs together. The units can also be connected at both sides, which makes it possible to create stairs of different widths.

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    Find various Bleachers and Seating options here. See individual listings for details.

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    End-plated – Reliable & Modular Solution Roof System

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    LITEC has always been a forerunner in the search for safe and high-performance roof systems. Reliability and strength of end-plated trusses Easy to assemble and modular Use as many standard production parts as possible Particularly recommended both for t

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    MyT Folding Steroid Roof System

    BY : Litec In : Staging

    A modular, self-contained roof environment that’s a hybrid of folding aluminium mother grid truss sections, 85 x 85 cm aluminium towers and key structural elements in steel like, modular ballast bases, sleeve block and safety block. The one-of-a-kind MyT

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    GT-STAIR Compatible: GT-STAGE 1x1 & GT-STAGE ADJUST Flat Dimensions: 37in x 72in Unit Weight: 55.8kg/123lbs

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    Guard Rails for Portable Staging

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    Global Truss Guard Rails for Portable Staging.

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    Stage Legs

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    Global Truss Stage Legs. See individual listings for items specific details.

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    Stage Accessories

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    Global Truss Stage Accessories. See individual listings for item specific details.

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    Mobile Performer Stage; Model 3200 Series

    BY : SICO In : Staging

    Tri-Height Stage   Mobile Stage with Three Height Options, Endless Versatility SICO® Tri-Height Mobile Stage units conveniently adjust in 6" or 8" increments and in two or three heights for maximum built-in flexibility. You can set up a single

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    PR10 Pitch Roof

    BY : Eurotruss In : Staging

    The Pitch Roofs are designed to be integrated in any kind of steel scaffolding stage. The wall keders can be hooked on the side of the scaffolding stage and have a double slit canopy so the lower part can be pulled up for maximum entrance space. This roof

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