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    Delta DLX 32 input Console

    BY : Soundcraft In : Pro Audio

    The Delta DLX series comprises a range of input module, output module and frame options which allow the user to configure the console for a wide variety of applications. The only constraints on the selection and positioning of modules are firstly that the

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    115XT HIQ Monitor

    115XT HiQ - Active Stage Monitor The XT coaxial range delivers a complete sound reinforcement solution to fulfill the highest demands of audio professionals for both the fixed installation and rental production markets. The XT series delivers the ultimate

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    AD500 CD Player/Reverse Cassette Deck

    BY : Other In : Pro Audio

    Teac AD-500 CD / cassette deck is a fine piece of high quality electronics put to great use. It features continuous player for CD and tape, CD sync dubbing and timer play. It is stuffed with the most up-to-date integrated circuitry and utilizes the best m

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    500 32/12

    BY : Soundcraft In : Pro Audio

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    Wavefront W3P W3 Black

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    Stagemonitor M152

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    UHF UA845 Antenna Distribution System

    BY : Shure In : Pro Audio

    The Shure Model UA845 is an amplified, UHF Antenna Distribution System that expands a wireless microphone system by splitting one pair of antennas to multiple Shure UR4 or Shure UC4 wireless receivers. It also amplifies RF signals to compensate for insert

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    Symnet Audio Matrix Breakout12 and BreakIn 12

    BY : Symetrix In : Pro Audio

    Symetrix Symnet Breakout 12 Audio Matrix 12 Channel DSP Signal Processor.

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    PROJECTOR System

    BY : HK Audio In : Pro Audio

    The perfect rig for playing successful gigs in tents, halls, and open-air events, PROJECTOR weds audio expertise gained with big touring rigs to the advantages of HK AUDIO Active Systems. Brawny enough for big bass sounds yet ultraresponsive for rendering

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    MQ10000 – Professional Class H Amplifier

    The MD14000 and MQ10000 amplifiers were designed for the most demanding live audio users, whether in touring rigs or fixed installations, meeting the needs of sound system designers and contractors of reliable, powerful, light weight and compact power amp

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    Ottocanali 4K4 Power Amplifier

    The Ottocanali 4K4 is a flexible and reliable 8-channel power amplifier with up to a total of 4,000 W at 4Ω, ideal for multi-zone applications in small to mid-scale installs. Ottocanali 4K4 supports any combination of lo-Z loudspeakers, mono-bridgeable ch

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    S-4000S-3208 Digital Snake

    BY : Roland In : Pro Audio

    This unit has 32 inputs + 8 outputs and is typically installed at stage side. The AD/DA conversion is 24bit/96kHz. High quality XR-1 pre-amps are provided for each input channel, which can accept both mic and line level inputs, eliminating the need for di

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    S-1608 Portable Digital Snake System

    BY : Roland In : Pro Audio

    The S-1608 and S-0816 Digital Snake are compact versions of the popular S-4000 Digital Snake system. Easy to use and quick to install, the S-1608/0816 Digital Snake system is a small format audio snake solution that offers the highest quality audio signal

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    S4000R Digital Snake Remote Controller

    BY : Roland In : Pro Audio

    The S-4000R can be connected to either the S-4000S-3208 or the S-4000H. It provides easy remote control of all input gain adjustments, phantom power and PAD settings. Since the remote can save up to 10 setups to internal memory, you can instantly recall t

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    S-2416 24×16 Stage Unit

    BY : Roland In : Pro Audio

    The Roland S-2416 digital snake stage unit expands the line-up by offering a 24 input x 16 output analog and 8 input x 8 output digital, for a total of 32 input and 24 output channels. In addition to the analog and digital I/O the S-2416 has two REAC port

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    MLA Compact Multi-Cellular Loudspeaker Array

    Martin Audio's MLA systems deliver an unsurpassed sound coverage consistency across the audience with unprecedented control for hard cut off areas and suppression of unwanted noise pollution. Award winning and Patent protected, MLA represents a step chang

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    LEO Linear Line Array Loudspeaker

    BY : Meyer In : Pro Audio

    Linear Approach to Large-Scale Reinforcement UNLEASH THE POWER OF LINEARITY Experience LEO — the Meyer Sound flagship line array system that remains linear and predicable across all frequencies and at very high sound levels. THE SONIC DETAIL OF STUDIO MON

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    EMS121 Loudspeaker

    The EMS-121 has been designed to function in any situation ranging from ‘stand alone’ to small clusters with low frequency support i.e. for theatre/AV work. Careful driver design and enclosure venting provides a useful amount of low frequency information

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    M-C15 Two-Way Passive Coaxial Stage Monitor

    The M-C15 is the larger of two new coaxial stage monitors from EM Acoustics – a compact two-way design intended to satisfy the most demanding artist. The M-C15, and the smaller companion M-C12 – are intended not only to be world-class stage monitors, but

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    EMS159 Two-way Passive Loudspeaker

    EMS-159 Two-way passive, reflex loaded fullrange loudspeaker. EM Acoustics set out to create the finest two-way medium format loudspeakers possible, and the result is the EMS-159. Utilising our latest passive crossover topologies, and the utmost in drive

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