WING Digital Mixing Console

    The WING control surface utilizes a large capacitive touchscreen interface with touch-sensitive rotary controls for a new ease of operation. Three separate fader sections and a Custom Controls section can be tailored easily and intuitively to meet your pe

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    Behringer MULTIGATE XR1400 Audio Interactive 4-Channel Expander / Gate  4-channel expander / gate Selectable gate or expander mode IRC expander for vocals and most instruments Extremely short attack time (<10 µs) IAC (Interactive Attack Control) circu

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    DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer

    The PRO MIXER DJX750 DJ Mixer merges intuitive operation with built-in digital effects processing for clean, transparent sound that will set your dance floor on fire! This 5-channel ultra-low noise mixer features our super-smooth Ultraglide faders and VCA

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    CMD STUDIO 4a 4-Deck DJ MIDI Controller

    The compact and ultra-portable CMD STUDIO 4A lets you create moods on the fly. Up your performance game with its fluid feel and the professional features of this 4-deck DJ MIDI controller with 4-channel audio interface. Because you’re really good at what

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    ULM300USB Wireless System

    Once again we broke the affordability barrier – with our new ULTRALINK ULM300USB Wireless Microphone System. Now you are free to work the room to your heart’s content, without the hassle and restriction of cables underfoot. Highest-quality sound is provid

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    The incredible SONIC EXCITER SX3040 will make your live performances and recordings more powerful, dynamic and superbly articulate. Equipped with a special phase-compensating Bass Processor and Sonic Exciter, the SX3040 adds amazing depth, punch and spark

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    DJX900USB DJ Mixer

    The PRO MIXER DJX900USB DJ Mixer merges intuitive operation with built-in digital effects processing for clean, transparent sound that will set your dance floor on fi re! This 5-channel ultra-low noise mixer features our 45 mm infinium “Contact-Free” opti

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    P16-M 16-Channel Digital Personal Mixer

    The POWERPLAY P16 system is the easy, affordable way to give live or recording musicians/vocalists what they really want – “more me!” The P16-M Personal Mixer lets each performer take control of his/her own monitor mix, whether on the stage or in the stud

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    VP1520 Professional 1000-Watt PA Speaker

    BY : Behringer In : Pro Audio

    The EUROLIVE VP1520 loudspeaker is exactly what you’ve come to expect from BEHRINGER – 1000-Watt power handling capacity, more features and absolutely more affordable! And thanks to the extremely powerful, long-excursion 15" Low-Frequency (LF) driver

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    iNUKE NU12000 12000W Power Amplifier

    The Behringer iNUKE NU12000 Ultra-Lightweight High-Density 12000W Power Amplifier utilizes high-density Class-D technology and efficient switch-mode power supplies to deliver 12000W of peak power. Specifically, the amplifier is rated at 2 x 6,000W at 2?,

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    CE500A-WH Speaker System

    The CE500A-WH speaker system is ideal for business environments, letting you enjoy full, clear sound over a wide listening area. Specifically designed to complement indoor commercial facilities, such as restaurants, shops, exhibition halls and more, the 8

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    XR18 Digital Mixer

    X AIR XR18 18-Channel, 12-Bus Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 16 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, Integrated Wifi Module and Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface. iPad*/Android* tablet controlled 18-input digital mixer for studio and live application

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    ULTRA-DI PRO DI800 Professional Mains/Phantom Powered 8-Channel DI-Box.

    Professional and multi-purpose 8-channel direct injection box for stage and studio applications Provides impedance and signal matching for the direct connection of instruments to mix

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    S16 Digital Snake

    Digital mixing has revolutionized virtually everything in the live-entertainment production workflow. Now we have come up with the perfect solution for connecting the onstage talent with your Front of House (FOH) console, and the rest of the world – the u

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    ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496 System Processor

    BY : Behringer

    The ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496 is the ultimate digital loudspeaker management system with an unheard-of audio quality and feature list. It is an indispensable tool for the precise set-up of multiple loudspeaker systems or arrays. Installation contractors, liv

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    BY : Behringer

    The ULTRAPATCH PRO was conceived to offer the reliability and flexibility you need to connect your entire studio in a clear, orderly fashion. It can also be a godsend in more extensive live setups. With its four modes, easily selectable via topside switch

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    MDX2100 Composer

    BY : Behringer

    Behringer's Composer MDX 2100 gives you superb dynamic control, both live and in the studio. It's ideal for increasing vocal energy and penetration in the mix; and prevents system overload. Composer offers five distinct dynamic processing functions: fully

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    EUROLIGHT LC2412 Professional 24-Channel DMX Lighting Console

    BY : Behringer

    The EUROLIGHT LC2412 is a professional 24-channel DMX lighting console with 24 preset channels assignable to 512 DMX channels. 120 scenes are storable in 10 banks, and there is an integrated chaser with up to 650 steps featuring sync-to-bass beat plus a f

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    BY : Behringer

    The MIC2200 is the ideal extension to your console, MIDI setup or hard disk recording system. Its integrated parametric EQ’s give you extra sound-shaping power, while its built-in tube adds warmth and transparency to your signal. In addition, the ULTRAGAI

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    AutoQuad XR2400

    BY : Behringer

    The Behringer AUTOQUAD has for identical channels. Each channel is equipped with 4 push button switches, 4 rotary control and 8 LEDs. A total of 3 SLAVE switches and 3 MASTER LEDs are available for the FlexLink System.

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