M215 Monitor

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    The Adamson M215 monitor delivers everything you want and more in a conventional stage monitor: extremely high-power and high-performance with zero distortion. The trapezoid enclosure features symmetrical driver placement with a 50° conical waveguide resu

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    S-Series Line Array

    The Adamson S-Series solves a problem that most rental houses face, which is how to get consistent coverage and excellent power out of a sub-compact system.  Traditional 2-way line array designs cannot provide even horizontal coverage in the mid-range, wh

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    E-Series Line Array System

      Adamson is synonymous with power, durability, and clarity. Decades of research in the world's most demanding performance environments has led to the induction of technology that is unmatched in the field. The E-Series is our flagship product family and

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    Y10 Loudspeaker System

    The Y-10 is a sub-compact 3 way line array that is as powerful as a full sized array, featuring a single patented Adamson mid/high drive module (with 2 patents granted and 2 pending applications). The Adamson drive module has a co-axial entrance and a co-

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    A218 Subwoofer

    Adamson’s new A218 houses 2 ND18-S Kevlar Neodymium Sub-Bass drivers in a Front-Loaded Baltic Birch cabinet.  The sub is designed to be multi-purpose, and can provide low extension for many of our compact systems, such as the SpekTrix, Metrix or Point Ser

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    Point Concentric 5

    The Point Concentric 5 is a compact, passive 2-way coaxial loudspeaker, with a 70° conical dispersion pattern. The enclosure is designed to produce linear, high-resolution audio throughout the intended bandwidth. Even though it is of modest size, the PC 5

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    E218 Subwoofer Package

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    The E218 subwoofer was developed to pair with the E12 or E15 enclosures. Two light-weight, long excursion ND18-S Kevlar Neodymium drivers which utilize Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture are mounted in an efficient band-pass subwoofer. The design achiev

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    Y18 Line Array Speaker

    The Y-18 is a high power, 3 way line array featuring two patented Adamson mid/high drive modules. The Adamson drive module has a co-axial entrance and a co-linear exit comprised of a high frequency sound chamber mounted within a mid frequency sound chambe

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    Y18 Line Array System

    Y18 Line Array System, see individual listings for system details. The Adamson Y18 - the original and most powerful enclosure of the Y-Axis series - is emerging as the new favorite in line arrays. The Y-Axis series’ superior design is the result of severa

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    T21 Sub

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    The Adamson T21 Sub is an arrayable bass cabinet designed to provide superior sub-bass extension.  The T21 subwoofer incorporates the newly-developed Adamson Symmetrical Drive multi-layer 21" Kevlar driver. The SD21 system employs a balanced spider s

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    Metrix Line Array System

    Adamson's Metrix Series offer all the benefits of a true line-source array via our patented wave shaping sound chamber technology. One 8” Kevlar Neodymium driver handle the low-mid frequency range in this 2-way active design, while a 1.4” exit compression

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    Designed for optimal ease-of-use, the Adamson SpekTrix is a three-way active cabinet that employs two Adamson 8.5” Kevlar, Neodymium drivers, and one B&C DE 900 compression driver mounted on a patented Adamson wave shaping sound chamber. The two 8.5”

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    SX SUB

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    Designed as a companion to our SX series line of full range speaker enclosures, the SXsub has proven itself to be worthy of any extended low frequency response duty. Capable of extremely high sound pressure levels, this enclosure is the perfect match when

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    M15 Multi-Purpose Cabinet

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    The Adamson M15, multi-purpose cabinet, features an extremely low profile, symmetrical trapezoid design, with a 50-degree conical waveguide. This unique combination allows any two cabinets to work together in a mirror image monitor configuration. The ca

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    Complete Loudspeaker System

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