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Master products
PR4500 ENG Set HTCK97 Reference Lavalier MicrophonePT45 High-Performance Wireless Body-Pack TransmitterC418 Miniature Condenser MicrophoneQ3 Media serverWMS420 Professional Wireless Microphone SystemC414B XLS Condenser Microphone519 MicrophoneCK97-C MicrophoneWings Player Pro TriplePZM6 D Boundary Layer MicrophoneD40 Professional Dynamic Instrument MicrophoneSST4 TransmitterPerception Wireless Vocal Set High-Performance Wireless Microphone SystemSR4500 Reference Wireless Stationary ReceiverSR420 Professional Wireless Stationary ReceiverTM40 TransmitterAT1002-PAK-SE Single-Ear Headset SystemD12 Dynamic MicrophoneC417L Condenser MicrophoneSR80 Stationary ReceiverSR45 High-Performance Wireless Stationary ReceiverPerception Wireless Presenter Set High-Performance Wireless Microphone SystemSR470 Professional Wireless Stationary ReceiverDPT700 Wireless Body-Pack TransmitterC 12 VR Reference Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser MicrophoneC636 WL1 Master Reference Condenser Vocal Microphone HeadCatalyst Media Server SystemAC 41 Active Antenna CombinerC520 Professional Head-Worn Condenser MicrophoneHT45 High-Performance Wireless Handheld TransmitterC 451 B MicrophoneD2000S Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone588SDX Vocal MicrophoneWMS470 Professional Wireless Microphone SystemWMS40 Mini Single Vocal Set Wireless Microphone SystemAE5100 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone119S-19 Cardioid Dynamic MicrophoneAH1 Wireless Headworn Microphone TransmitterAB2 Antenna Signal BoosterPS4000 W Active Wide-Band UHF Antenna DistributorASU4000 Remote Antenna Power Supplyrx Rendering ServerC519 M Professional Miniature Clip-on Condenser MicrophoneC24 Stereo Studio Condenser MicrophoneC555 L High-Performance Head-Worn Condenser MicrophoneACT-707HM MicrophoneWMS4000 UHF SystemDMS700 Digital Microphone SystemNVS-25 H.264 Video Streaming ServerCU400 Charging UnitC416L Clip-on MicrophoneC420 Head-worn Condenser MicrophonePR4500 ENG Set PTC414 XLII Multi-Pattern Condenser MicrophonePT4500 Reference Wireless Body-Pack TransmitterSRA2 B/W Active Directional Wide-Band UHF Receiving AntennaPT470 Professional Wireless Body-Pack TransmitterD112 Professional Dynamic Bass MicrophoneWMS40 Mini Professional Plug & Play Wireless SystemPZM11 LL WR Boundary Layer MicrophonePT420 Professional Wireless Body-Pack TransmitterGN15E Gooseneck MicrophoneWMS470 Sports Set Professional Wireless Microphone SystemC414 B-ULSPerception Wireless Sports Set High-Performance Wireless Microphone SystemP3 S High-Performance Dynamic MicrophoneVX 2 Media ServerVX4 Media ServerAB4000 Antenna BoosterWMS4500 CK77 Set Reference Wireless Microphone SystemADX51 Studio Condenser MicrophoneGN15 Gooseneck MicrophonePerception 120 Condenser MicrophoneRA300 B Receiver AntennaC747 Condenser MicrophoneC1000S MicrophoneHT470 Professional Wireless Handheld TransmitterWMS4500 Reference Wireless Microphone SystemWMS400 Wireless SystemAirLine Micro Earset Wireless SystemHELICAL Passive Circular Polarized Directional AntennaDST99 S Dynamic Paging MicrophoneCK99 L Condenser Lavalier MicrophonePerception Wireless Instrumental Set High-Performance Wireless Microphone SystemWMS40 Mini Dual Instrumental SetDSR700 V2 Reference Digital Wireless Stationary Receiver515BSLX Cardioid Dynamic MicrophoneCK77 WR Professional Lavalier MicrophoneSR40 Single ReceiverSR400 ReceiverRA4000 W Passive Omnidirectional wide-band UHF AntennaWMS40 Mini Dual Vocal SetWMS4500 D7 Set Reference Wireless Microphone SystemWMS40 Mini Single Instrumental SetPR4500 Reference Wireless Camera ReceiverDMSTetrad Professional Four Channel Digital Wireless SystemLC617 MD Lapel MicrophoneDMS800 Reference Digital Wireless Microphone SystemC535EB Handheld Microphone