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Master products
PLX3402 PLX Series AmplifiersOttocanali 12K4 Power AmplifierPL230 PowerLight 2 SeriesOttocanali 1204 8-Channel Power AmplifierPro 5200 Power AmplifierEX4000 Power AmplifierCX902 CX 2-Channel SeriesOttocanali 4K4 Power AmplifierPowerLight 2.0HV Power AmplifierT Series AmplifierXH1 Two Way Active CrossoverCX302 Power AmplifierCX254 Power AmplifierPL236A PowerLight 2 Series AmplifierPLX2502 Power AmplifierISA Series AmplifiersK20 2-Channel Ultra-High Power AmplifierDigam K2 2-Channel High Performance Power AmplifierPT1800 Power AmplifierPA240P 1-channel Power AmplifierISA800Ti Power AmplifierIP4C Power AmplifierGXD Series AmplifiersP3500 Dual Channel Power AmplifierPowerlight 6.0 Power AmplifierX8 Power AmplifierQuattrocanali 4804 Power AmplifierPowerLight 1.8 Power AmpliferPLX1802 Power AmplifierRMX1450A Power AmplifierCX602V Power AmplifierPLX3002 PLX Series AmplifiersCX302V AmplifierQuattrocanali 4804 DSP+D AmplifierGX7 Power AmplifierRMX1450 RMX Series Professional AmplifiersPema Protea-Equipped Media AmplifiersRMX2450A Power AmplifierPLX1202 PLX SERIES AMPLIFIERSRMX4050HD RMX Series Professional AmplifiersX4 Four Channel Amplifier PlatformPowerLight 4.0 Power AmplifierOttocanali 8K4 8-Channel Power Amplifier6.0 II 3RU Model PowerLight SeriesP5000S P Series Power AmplifierRMX1850HD RMX Series Professional AmplifiersPA4150L Quad 150 W per channel Power AmplifierCXD Series Power AmplifiersM30D 2-Channel Power AmplifierMX3000ADCA 2422 Power AmplifierPowerMatch PM8250 / PM8250N Power Amplifier4.0 3RU Model PowerLight SeriesMojo MH4 Headphone AmplifierPA6240 6-Zone Mono PA Mixing AmplifierUSA Series Power AmplifiersPL380 Powerlight Power AmplifierX-Amp Active Re-AmplifierPL218 PowerLight 2 SeriesMX 1000a Power AmplifierM28Q Power AmplifierM20D Power AmplifierGX3 Power AmplifierQ3002 Power AmplifierWP-1400 2 Channel Power AmplifierPLD Series Processing AmplifiersD1100 AmplifierSM700 AmplifierRMX2450 Power AmplifierPV 900 Power AmplifierCX204V Power AmplifierMMA 81502 Modular Mixer AmplifierM50Q Power AmplifierEX2500 Power AmplifierPLX2402 Power AmplifierMQ10000 - Professional Class H AmplifierDA 26S Paging Distribution AmplifierPL340 POWERLIGHT 3 Series Power AmplifierNXDT104 Dante Network card for NXAMP NX.DT104CX702 CX 2-Channel SeriesCM16a Amplifier Network MonitorMX1500a Power AmplifierNUAR Universal Amp RackSeries Three Model 3500IPR2 2000 Power AmplifierPLM 5K44 AmplifierPL325 POWERLIGHT 3 Series Power AmplifierNE Multi-Channel AmplifiersNX Multi-Mode AmplifiersHPD3000 Power AmplifierPLX3602 PLX2 Series Professional Power AmplifiersRMX4050A Power AmplifierCX1202V CX 2-Channel AmplifierCX168 Power AmplifierPA-1500 Power AmplifierPowerMatch PM8500 / PM8500N Power AmplifierDTD AMP 4x1.32150 Stereo Power AmplifierCAB16o Audio Output Bridge