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Master products
Beam 250 XTRobin 600E BeamWash 575 XTNANDOBEAM-S6 LED Moving HeadMini Beam Moving Beam HeadRogue R1 BeamWashMJ1001 36 x 1watt LED Moving HeadPROTEUS HYBRID WMG 3-in-1 Hybrid Moving HeadROBE Lighting SilverScanLED Wash FixtureRogue R2X WashPocket Wash PakWash 150 XT Lighting FixtureiPointeRogue R3 WashminiPointe Moving HeadPROTEUS HYBRIDWash 250 XTMerak-CSMAC301 Wash LED Moving HeadCLASSE W 7OO Wash Moving HeadRobin MMX WashBeamRogue Outcast 1 BeamStark 1000 LED Wash LightRobin 300E BeamCLASSE W 575 Moving HeadMH640 Washlight Moving HeadMini RubySTARWAR-LED Beam Wash Moving HeadRobin 600E WashXLED 590 LED Wash Moving HeadColorWash 750 AT TungstenROBIN DL7PC WashColorBeam 2500E ATBMFL Wash / Wash FXWash LWZ 60PROTEUS HYBRID FCProteus Smarty HybridColorwash 575AT Lighting FixtureDiamond 19 LED WashProteus Rayzor 760MEGABLAST MB-36 LED WASH LUMINAIRE250XT Wash Lighting FixtureRobin 300E WashPROTEUS BEAM WMG Moving HeadMaverick Storm 1 WashSA028 575W Wash Moving HeadMythos 2Platinum 1200 WashRogue R1 WashPlatinum SevenColorWash 575E ATBMFL WashBeam Moving LightRAZOR440Platinum HFXPix120m LED Moving LuminairePROTEUS EXCALIBURCLASSE W 3OO Moving HeadRogue R3X WashColorwash 250 Lighting FixtureRobin DLF WashClubWash 300 CTRUSH MH 6 Wash CTRAYZOR 360ZYY-SL8099 LED Moving Head Wash 36x5W in Cool WhiteRogue R1X WashROBIN 300 Wash ClassicColorWash 1200E ATAxis LedMH-840 Lighting FixtureColorWash 575AT ZoomDictator Ray 200Maverick MK PyxisClubWash 600 CTLED Automated LightMaverick MK1 HybridColorWash 2500E ATColorWash 575E AT ZoomColorBeam 700E ATMAC Aura XB LED Wash LightRUSH MH 6 WashRogue Outcast 1 HybridPROTEUS BEAMMAC Viper AirFXRogue R2X Wash VWColorWash 575 ATColorWash 250 XTColorWash 250 ATMac300 WashlightREDWash 2•36 LED Moving HeadDreamlight 250 WashMAC2000 Performance II Moving LightColorwash 575 FixtureMAC Aura LED Moving Head Wash LightRogue R3 BeamROBIN 300 LEDWashMAC250 Wash Moving LightMAC Viper BeamPanaBeam XR2RUSH MH 3 Beam