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Master products
DTS NICK 1401LEDWASH 360 ProDesign Beam 1200CDesign LED Par Zoom MHXR700 WASH Moving Head ProjectorPlatinum Wash 16R PRODesign Wash LED 60Design Wash LED ZoomiWash 575 EBImpression XL High Power RGB LED Moving Head WashArtiste Dali LED-Laser Phosphor Moving HeadALCHEMY 5 WashAxcor Wash 300Rayzor Beam 2RDELTA R Colour ChangerColorMix 150 AT WashPlatinum SBXDesign Wash LED ProDARTZ 360Platinum Wash ZFX ProNICK NRG 1201 LED Moving Head ProjectorALPHA WASH 575Aorun Beam FixturePlatinum Wash LED ZoomDesign Wash 1400E Moving HeadInfinity Wash XLStage COLOR 300Alpha Beam 700ProWash 250 LXZW19 LED Moving Head Beam/Wash EffectSharpy Moving Beam LightInfinity Wash SA.leda Wash K20Rayzor Q7 Moving Head LED Wash/BeamMP700 WASH Moving HeadGolden Color 1200XR2000 BEAM Moving Head ProjectorJack Moving HeadXR300 BeamInfinity ACL MSharpy Wash 330CP Color 400DELTA 7 RGB R LED Colour ChangerPlatinum Beam 5R ExtremeDesign LED 36MHPanorama Power MK2EASYCOLOR2 LED Moving HeadRayzor Q12 ZoomShotlight WashPlatinum Beam 5R ProCF7 WZCF 1200 WashCP Color MH AEAlpha Wash 1500iWash HaloiWash 575 MBMini-B LED Moving LightDesign Par 575HPlatinum Beam 5RDL7F WashMythosHepikos Beam-Wash LightEVO Beam/Spot Moving HeadStage Color 575iWash FlexServoColor Series Lighting FixturesXR3000 BEAMPlatinum FLXImpression LED Automated Lighting FixtureRayzor Q12Design Wash 300E Moving HeadWonderD LED Wash LightImpression W/A LED Moving HeadXR1200 WASHProWash 575 LXColor STRIKE MDesign Wash LED Zoom CWAlpha Beam 1500Stage COLOR 1200HY B-EYE K25RAPTOR Moving HeadNick NRG 1200 LED Moving HeadAlpha Beam 300NICK 600 WASH RGBW Moving HeadDL4F WashStage COLOR 1000Alpha Wash 300Axcor Beam 300Alpha Wash 700A.leda Wash K10EasyColor - LED Moving Yoke FixtureMAX L Moving HeadDesign Wash 250 Moving HeadEvent MH W SystemALPHA WASH 1200Color 400 MHPlatinum BXInfinity ACL SALPHA WASH HALOPlatinum Wash ZFX PRO XL