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Master products
EB-X8 Video ProjectorLC-SX2 LCD Data/Video ProjectorLC-XG100 LCD Projector XGA 2500 ANSI Lumens Power Zoom & FocusLC-XDP3500 XGA LCD ProjectorLC-XG250 LCD Video ProjectorLC-XBM26W XGA LCD ProjectorLC-XT9 XGA / 3LCD Theater Series ProjectorLC-XIP2000 LCD Projector XGAEK-308U 3LCD ProjectorLC-XT5A XGA / 3LCD Theater Series ProjectorEK-400XA DLP ProjectorEIP4500 DLP Video ProjectorLC-X2 LCD Data/Video ProjectorLC-XB21B LCD Video ProjectorLC-WIP3000 WXGA/3LCD ShortThrow "Interactive" ProjectorLC-WUL100A Full HD WUXGA 1920x1200 3LCD ProjectorEIP-WSS3100 DLP / WXGA ProjectorLC-XA20 LCD Video ProjectorLC-XB27N LCD Video ProjectorLC-XL200L XGA ProjectorEK-355U 3LCD Projector with HLD LEDEK-309W 3LCD ProjectorEKTAGRAPHIC III Slide ProjectorLC-XSP2600 XGA 3LCD ProjectorEK-502X XGA 3LCD ProjectorLC-XNB4000N 3LCD / XGA ProjectorLC-XBS500 3LCD / XGA Classroom ProjectorEK-600U Conference ProjectorLC-XNB3500N 3LCD / XGA ProjectorLC-XS30 3100 ANSI Lumens Manual Zoom & Focus XGA LCD ProjectorEK-302X Meeting Room ProjectorLC-XL100A XGA / 3LCD Conference Series ProjectorLC-XBM31 3,000 ANSI Lumens XGA / 3LCD ProjectorEIP-UJT100 3-Chip DLP ProjectorLC-XG400 LCD Video ProjectorEK-611W Projector (no lens)EIP-5000 XGA DDR DLP Single DMD ProjectorEK-511W WXGA 3LCD Video ProjectorEK-601W Conference Room ProjectorLC-XNS3100 XGA - 3LCD Entry Series ProjectorEK-307W 3LCD ProjectorEK-612XA XGA 1-chip DLP ProjectorEK-500UL (lens not included) 5,100 ANSI Lumens - WUXGA 3LCD ProjectorLC-XB100 XGA LCD ProjectorLC-XB42N LCD Video ProjectorLC-XBL21W XGA 3LCD Brilliant Series ProjectorEB-1440Ui Full HD WUXGA ProjectorEB-585W 3LCD ProjectorLC-SXG400 Power Zoom & Focus ProjectorLC-XB43N XGA Manual Zoom & Focus ProjectorEIP-3500 DLP Video ProjectorEIP-UHS100 HD Widescreen DLP ProjectorEK-815U 1-Chip DLP Laser ProjectorEIP-XHS100 XGA DLP ProjectorLC-WS250 WXGA 3LCD ProjectorLC-XB250 XGA / 3LCD Brilliant Series ProjectorLC-XB100A XGA LCD ProjectorEIP-1500T 720p Home Theater DLP ProjectorLC-HDT1000 2K 1080p Data / Video ProjectorLC-HDT700 Full HD 1080p 3LCD+One ProjectorEK-510U WUXGA 3LCD Video ProjectorEK-510UL (lens not included) WUXGA 3LCD ProjectorEIP1500T DLP Video ProjectorEIP-XSP2500 Manual Zoom & Focus XGA DLP ProjectorLC-XB41N LCD Video ProjectorLC-XBM21W XGA / 3LCD ProjectorLC-WB42NA WXGA Manual Zoom & Focus ProjectorEB-955WH Portable 3LCD ProjectorEIP-5000L DLP Projector XGA 5000 ANSI LumensEIP-1600T 720p 1-chip DLP Home Theater Series ProjectorEIP-W4600 WXGA DLP Meeting Room ProjectorLC-XB24 XGA / 3LCD "Brilliant" Series ProjectorLC-X1U LCD ProjectorLC-SX1UL LCD Video ProjectorEK-501WL WXGA 3LCD ProjectorEB-Z9750U 3LCD WUXGA ProjectorLC-XBL30 XGA LCD ProjectorEB-G7905ULC-WB200A WXGA 3LCD Brilliant Series ProjectorLC-SB21 LCD Video ProjectorLC-WNS3200 WXGA 3LCD Entry Series ProjectorLC-XB250A XGA / 3LCD Brilliant Series ProjectorLC-XB43 XGA ProjectorLC-X2U XGA LCD ProjectorLC-X6 LCD Video ProjectorEK-820U 1-Chip DLP Laser ProjectorLC-XB33N ProjectorLC-W5 WXGA LCD Video ProjectorLC-WXL200L WXGA LCD ProjectorLC-XBM21 XGA LCD ProjectorEIP-WX5000L WXGA DLP ProjectorLC-WB42N WXGA Manual Zoom & Focus ProjectorEB-PU1008W WUXGA 3LCD Laser ProjectorLC-W4 WXGA LCD Video ProjectorLC-XBL25 Manual Zoom & Focus XGA LCD ProjectorLC-XB200 XGA LCD ProjectorLC-HDT2000 2K 3LCD+One ProjectorLC-X8 XGA Video/Computer ProjectorEIP-HDT20 1-Chip DLP ProjectorEB-L1500U WUXGA 3LCD Laser Projector