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Yamaha H500 in good working order.

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Yamaha H500 in good working order.


High Power & Extraordinary Efficiency

The H5000 delivers 500 watts per channel into 8-ohm loads. H-series amps are approximately twice as efficient as conventional types. This means that for the same power output you only need half the power normally required from the AC supply. The amps themselves run cooler for significantly improved reliability.

Superior Sound Quality

The best possible sound quality through careful component selection, circuit design, layout and construction.

Stereo, Bridged Mono, and Dual Mono Modes

This model can be used in the bridged mono mode for extra high power. It pumps out 1400 watts into 4 -ohm loads. An extra margin of flexibility with a dual mono mode which allows a single input signal to drive two independent speaker systems. In the dual mono mode the power rating for each speaker system is the same as in the stereo mode.

MediaLink™ Network Compatible

15-pin MONITOR/REMOTE terminals on the rear panels of all three H-series models provide direct compatibility with MediaLink™ protocol networks for state-of-the-art computer based system control and monitoring - an important advantage in large systems with many amplifiers in remote locations. The H-series amplifiers allow power and channel mute control as well as status monitoring of per-relay output level, clipping, output on/off, and heat sink temperature. Level control is also possible with the addition of an optional circuit board.

Thorough Circuit Protection

Power-on muting isolates the speaker outputs for several seconds after the power is turned on. This prevents the power-on voltage surge from reaching the speakers and allows the amplifier circuitry to stabalize before operation begins. DC sensing circuitry shuts off the outputs if a DC voltage greater than +/=2 volts is detected at the output terminals.

Thermal protection shuts down the system if the heat sink temperature exceeds 90°C, and a power limiter reduces power output if a short or other fault results in a speaker load of less than 1 ohm. Protection, clip/limit, and thermal LEDs indicate the type of fault that has occurred.

Variable-speed Forced-air Cooling

A comprehensive cooling system for optimum reliability and safety. Dual variable-speed fans automatically maintain internal temperatures within a safe operating range.

Calibrated Input Attenuators

The input attenuators feature precisely-calibrated detents and smooth, noise-free control. This configuration allows accurate, repeatable levels settings while providing perfect level matching between channels.

Reliable Connectors

Both balanced XLR and balanced phone jack input terminals are provided. Heavy-duty binding-post type terminals ensure solid, reliable speaker connections.

Pin-1 Ground Switch
This thoughtful feature lets you lift pin 1 of the XLR-type connectors from ground to interrupt ground-loops when they occur, achieving quiet, hum-free operation.

Yamaha H500 in good working order.




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