Strand Bambino Fresnel 7″ Lot of 10


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Strand Bambino Fresnel 7″ Lot of 8

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Category : Acoustic  

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Strand Bambino Fresnel 7″ Lot of 10

A 48 hour warranty is included.



• Compact and rugged design, ideal for location work.
• Designed for easy handling in the studio or on location
• Easy action spring loaded top catch for security but with quick access for accessory fitting
• Exceptional performance from generous lens sizes
• Optimised for even spread and wide focus range
• Superb light control from generously proportioned barndoors
• High quality mechanics for years of reliable operation
• Wide front access for easy lamp replacement
• Both models accept a range of studio and long life lamps for extra flexibility. Bambino 500 accepts up to 500W maximum
• Bambino 500 has unique single sided yoke design which is adjustable for close rigging
• Bambino 500 has reversible accessory ears to either allow space for multiple scrims or with reduced depth for fitting fewer scrims but without light spill
• Both fixtures available in portable lighting kits complete with accessories and stands in a rugged carrying case.

Strand Bambino Fresnel 7″ Lot of 10

A 48 hour warranty is included.



Weight 350 oz
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in

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