Wybron Coloram II 24 way Power Supply Lot of 4


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Wybron Coloram II 24 way Power Supply Lot of 4

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Brand : Wybron  

Category : Automated  

Shipping Class : Large Box  

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Case : None  

Condition : Good  

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Warranty : 48 Hours  

Package Type : Box  

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Wybron Coloram II 24 way Power Supply Lot of 4

A 48 hour warranty is included.



Wybron's RAM power supplies work with the entire family of Coloram II color changers, CXI color mixers, Eclipse and Eclipse II mechanical dowsers and Goboram II gobo rotators. They come in three different sizes rated for 6, 12, and 24 heads.

Each model uses a universal switching power source so the units can be used anywhere in the world without setting a voltage or frequency switch. However, fuses should be changed when switching between 120 and 240 volts.

Each power supply communicates with its lighting devices via DMX512 and uses a block of addresses that can be started anywhere in the address space. Each model can remotely configure the units attached to it. If the fan is variable speed, then it can be set from the power supply. In addition, diagnostic information about the motor, local voltage, and fan speed is available at the front panel of each power supply.

All models come with hanging brackets and safety cables for mounting on trusses. Rack mounting kits are available for the 24-way power supply, allowing two of these models in 3U space of a standard 19-inch equipment rack. Connecting heads to the power supply requires a specially designed cable with two 14-gauge conductors and one shielded pair for signal. These cables come in a variety of standard lengths or can be made to the customer's desired length.

A single 24-way/12-way/6-way power supply operates:

24/12/6 Coloram II color changers
12/6/3 CXI color mixers
16/8/4 Goboram II gobo changers
24/12/6 Eclipse dowsers

or these combinations:

24-way: 12 Coloram II color changers/8 Goboram II gobo changers
12-way: 6 Coloram II color changers/4 Goboram II gobo changers
6-way: 3 Coloram II color changers/2 Goboram II gobo changers

Wybron Coloram II 24 way Power Supply Lot of 4

A 48 hour warranty is included.



Weight 150 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in


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