Magic Photo Arm Lot of 2


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Manfrotto Magic Photo Arm Lot of 2 A 48 hour warranty is included.

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ID: 95366

Brand : Manfrotto  

Category : Parts  

Shipping Class : 10ft Truss  

Age : 4-6  

Case : None  

Condition : Good  

Usage : Touring  

Voltage : Unspecified  

Warranty : 48 Hours  

Package Type : Box  

Ships To : Europe  

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Manfrotto Magic Photo Arm Lot of 2
A 48 hour warranty is included.


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The multi-purpose, durable and smart magic photo arm. The Magic Photo Arm Kit, Aluminium with Locking Lever and Super Clamp is an essential part of any professional’s kit. It’s intuitively designed to make life on the job even easier, comes with everything you need to get started pronto, and is made to last. And this essential magic photo arm is crafted to Italy’s world-leading quality standards, so you can be sure it’s top quality, as well as clever.

This hard-wearing photo arm is made from aluminium, which makes it both strong and lightweight. It can comfortably lift up to 3kg, giving you all the scope you need to use it with a range of gear as needed, and it reaches an impressive 53cms, with a top diameter of 55cms. It even comes with industry standard, accompanying sockets and screws for complete compatibility. The socket and stud measure 16mm, the screws 6.4mm and 9.5mm, and it includes a 9.5mm thread.

Designed to give you everything you need in one bag, it even comes with a camera bracket, which is versatile enough to hold an umbrella when you need one. In the package, you’ll also find a must-have super clamp, and a handy backlight base. All in all, this gives you the complete magic photo arm set.

Manfrotto Magic Photo Arm Lot of 2
A 48 hour warranty is included.




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