ETC ION 3,072 Ch Console with case


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ETC ION 3,072 Ch Console with case

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ETC ION 3,072 Ch Console with case

A 48 hour warranty is included.


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With the ease, power and operational style of Eos in a small, affordable package, Ion’s small footprint – 19” wide only – is the perfect solution for space-challenged environments and small venues. Providing fully integrated control of conventional and moving lights, Ion packs a punch.

Elegant, highly intuitive and simple to use, Ion will satisfy the needs of beginners and pros alike. But you don’t need a PhD in Ion to use it! Start with the everyday (channel 5 at full) and let the full potential of Ion – like the powerful effects package, marking and timing functions – unfold with your experience. And it’s an easy step from Ion to Eos, so the knowledge gained will work for you professionally for years to come.

Ion sports a generous programming keypad, dedicated encoders for non-intensity parameter control, a grand master and blackout button, as well as a master split fader. For more hands on control, Ion hosts up to six USB fader wings – the 1x20, 2x10 and 2x20 - for a total of 240 additional submasters with paging controls. The desk can support one or two external high-resolution DVI monitors, which can also be touchscreens.

Ion is available in three basic configurations –1024 outputs, 1536 outputs or 2048 outputs. Each of these versions supports channel numbering from 1 – 5000. A networked Ion system can support four discrete control inputs, including a combination of Ion desks, Ion Remote Processor Units - for synchronized backup or stand-alone lighting applications, Net3 Remote Video Interfaces or PC’s running the Eos Client Software. Remote control is also provided with the Net3 Radio Focus Remote.

Use Ion in a stand-alone system or as a remote programming station for an Eos system. When Ion is used as a client in an Eos system, it supports the full output of that host Eos system.

Ion Software Features

• Available in 1024, 1536 and 2048 output configurations
• Dedicated master playback fader pair
• Dedicated grand master and blackout switch
• 999 cue lists
• 200 active playbacks
• 300 submasters
• 4 x 1000 palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam)
• 1000 presets, effects and macros
• 4 pageable encoders
• Channel summary or table views, user configurable in live/blind
• Blind spreadsheet views
• Offline programming on PC (Vista or XP) and native on Macintosh (OS X Power PC or Intel)
• Data import from ETC Obsession, Express/ion, Emphasis and Strand Show files via ASCII
• Show file compatibility with Eos
• Client/server networking and synchronized backup

Product Features

• Supports up to two high-resolution DVI monitors
• Integral LCD for softkeys and non-intensity parameter control
• 2 x DMX512 outputs, RDM ready
• ETCNet2 and Net3 native
• Hard disk memory and USB compatible external storage
• MIDI In/Out (additional time code functions via external gateways)
• Contact Closure Triggers
• 5 multipurpose USB bus (pointing devices,printer, mouse, keyboard, touchscreens, flash drives)
• Audio In/Out
• Phone remote control

ETC ION 3,072 Ch Console with case

A 48 hour warranty is included.



Weight 79 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 13 in


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