BB4 Washlight


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I-pix BB4, price listed is each. In the case of 6 units. – included in the price

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ID: 149872

Brand : I-pix  

Category : LED Lighting  

Age : 7-10  

Case : Custom  

Condition : Good  

Usage : Television / Broadcast  

Voltage : 230V/50-60Hz  

Warranty : 48 Hours  

Package Type : Case  

Ships To : Europe  



I-pix BB4, price listed is each.

In the case of 6 units. – included in the price


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he BB 4 washlight (patent pending) provides the user with an energy saving high power light. Four powerful light sources gives the feel and look of a modern light fixture. LED in origin, the appearance from the four blended sources shows no visible appearance of existing led technology yet has the performance we have all come to understand from this novel form of light.

The BB 4 washlight, is equipped with four custom Light Engines from Lamina. Its the highest power point source led light available. It is the homogenized source of the three saturate colours that makes our colour mixing so good.

The performance of these light engines to i-pix's exacting colour specifications gives a tighter tolerance and improved colour performance, which makes tungsten lighting performance from the BB 4 possible. Daylight temperatures can also be found with ease and finally a fixture that does not need a nudge from amber to compensate. The whites are believable and full of low power energy, which makes one wonder if the source is really an led engine.

The BB 4 has a super smooth control with 16 bit resolution, enhancing the feel of the fixture when wishing to emulate the tungsten performance you would expect from pre existing fixtures. Different operating modes ensure ease of use.

With consumption of 120 watts, the fixture draws half and amp on full @ 240 volts.


I-pix BB4, price listed is each.

In the case of 6 units. – included in the price




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