ETC Sensor 24 ch 2.4k Portable Dimmer Rack


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ETC Sensor 24 ch 2.4k Portable Dimmer Rack

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ETC Sensor 24 ch 2.4k Portable Dimmer Rack

A 48 hour warranty is included.


Sensor+ 230V Installation Racks (HSR)

Sensor+ dimming systems provide high density, professional features and exceptional reliability for lighting applications that require the best the entertainment industry can offer. Sensor's modular design lets you slide 96 channels of 2.4kW dimmers in and out of single rack without tools, for unequaled dimmer density and convenience. Fully magnetic circuit breakers eliminate extra maintenance caused by thermal tripping. Direct industry standard Ethernet connections to the rack simplify the design of a lighting network so that all equipment is now communicating with ETCNet2™, and ACN when available. The browser interface, Sensor+ Connect, accesses all of the functions of the Control Electronics Module (CEM+) from a laptop or networked computer. This interface monitors what is happening at the rack, as well as provides the means to configure the rack, select dimmer modes, record or activate playbacks – plus a whole lot more.

Product Features

  • 6-, 12-, 24-, and 48-module installation racks
  • Dual 3kW, 5kW and single 10kW dimmer modules
  • Standard, enhanced and high risetime dimmer choices
  • Readily accessible line, load and control terminations for simple installation
  • Direct Ethernet control signal input as well as two DMX512 inputs
  • Standard system and rack monitoring with diagnostic reporting
  • Advanced Features (AF) option records and monitors dimmer-specific load information

ETC Sensor 24 ch 2.4k Portable Dimmer Rack

A 48 hour warranty is included.



Weight 350 oz
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in


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