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    The ProTalk TK-3401D is a license-free UHF digital transceiver featuring digital dPMR446 and analogue PMR446 communications. The TK-3401D features the latest digital dPMR446 technology for better radio interference protection. It's easy to switch between digital and analogue modes, with a total of 32 channels (16 digital and 16 analogue) in two zones, which is ideal for use with current analogue transceivers with a view to gradually switching to digital.

    • Both digital and analogue communications Up to 32 channels are available split into 2 zones. 16 digital dPMR446 and 16 analogue PMR446 channels.
    • Ease of use Simple and license-free operation in all-in-one package ready for immediate use.
    • Durability IP/54/55 and US MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F and G standard-compliant.
    • High-quality audio, powerful output An AMBE+2TM vocoder delivers high-quality audio with minimum delay and BTL audio amplifier for powerful 1.5 W output.
    • Supplied with KSC-35S Charger, KNB-45L Li-Ion Battery, KBH-10 Belt Clip and User Manual (English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Greek & Portuguese)

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