MX Lighting Console

    Manufacturer Description

    12, 24 & 48 channels

    • 2-scene preset manual console with memory
    • Ideal for smaller venues which require basic memory capabilities and special effects
    • 12, 24 or 48 channels, maximum 512 dimmers
    • Lightweight and portable
    • LCD menu and data screen with choice of English, French or German
    • Optional video terminal display
    • Manual, timed and recorded timed crossfades
    • Individual bump button per channel with master
    • 4 ‘pages’ of submasters/cues
    • 24 programmable effects
    • Two proportional channel/dimmer patches
    • Software selectable multiplex dimmer protocols: DMX, AMX, D54
    • MIDI interface for automated effects and system expansion
    • Optional memory storage card
    • Printer output
    • Power supply included
    • Can be used for 120 - 240V operation with appropriate power supply

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