FP16A Portable Audio Distribution Amplifier

    Manufacturer Description

    A 1-input, 6-output portable audio distribution amplifier for routing multiple audio feeds. Ideal as a portable press bridge. Includes: XLR transformer-balanced input and outputs (each switchable for microphone or line level operation), phantom power, link jacks for connecting additional FP16A units or outboard devices, screw-driver-adjustable gain controls. Rack-mountable with A16R. Battery (three standard 9-volt alkaline) or 120/240 Vac power.

    Shure FP16A Portable Audio Distribution Amplifier Features :

    • Wide-range audio frequency response.
    • Up to 90 dB gain.
    • Low noise, hum and distortion.
    • Protected against damage from input overload and shorted outputs; protected against RFI and mechanically protected against incorrect battery insertion.
    • Transformer-coupled XLR input connector is switchable to low-impedance microphone or line level.
    • Phantom power for condenser microphones available at input.
    • Six isolated, transformer-coupled XLR outputs are switchable to low-impedance balanced microphone or 600-ohm balanced line level.
    • Link input and output jacks permit "ganging" of FP16s for additional outputs, or adding external equipment such as equalizers, compressors or limiters.
    • Recessed input gain control with normal and overload LED indicators.
    • Recessed individual output channel gain controls.
    • Powered by AC (120 or 240V-internally selectable) or built-in battery pack.
    • Low battery drain provides more than 15 hours operation under normal operating conditions.
    • Noiseless and automatic switchover to and from battery power.
    • Rugged and durable construction.
    • Compact and lightweight for field use and transportation.
    • Reliable operation over wide temperature and humidity extremes.
    • Rack-mountable with accessory rack mount kit Noise.

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