EM500 Rack-Mountable Receiver

    Manufacturer Description

    General Description

    Rack-mountable receiver (1/2 space wide)


    • Autoscan on all receivers for simple and secure frequency selection
    • 1440 frequencies within a 36MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility
    • Robust metal construction for durability
    • Smaller bodypack transmitters and receivers(30% smaller than current EW)
    • Pilot tone squelch(defeatable for backwards compatibility with original EW systems)
    • New battery concept(AA cells and rechargeable battery accessories)
    • Transmitter battery status telemetry on all models
    • Audio signal metering on transmitter LCD display
    • External charging contacts on 300 and 500 series bodypacks
    • XLR jacks on all rack-mountable units(including 100 series)

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