S-4000H 32 x 8 Front of House Unit

    Manufacturer Description

    The S-4000H is a component of the S-4000 Digital Snake System. It has 8 +4 line level inputs, 32 +4 line level outputs and redundant Ethernet connectors. It is typically used at the Front of House console position providing 32 outputs to the console from the stage sources and 8 inputs or returns from the console’s buses.

    • 32 +4 Line Level Outputs and 8 +4 Line Level Inputs provide professional quality source and return audio
    • Convenient 8-channel D Sub connectors with security bar
    • MASS connector options for touring and PA/Rental applications
    • Redundant Ethernet ports with rugged Neutrik Ethercon connectors offer seamless switching to backup cable with no loss of audio
    • Optional S-240P power supply switches automatically with no loss of audio in case of power supply interruption

    The S-4000H is also often used at Split positions providing 32 outputs of the Stage sources for monitor consoles, recording rooms or broadcast feeds.

    The Inputs and Outputs are provided on 8-channel 25 pin D-Sub connectors using the Tascam wiring standard. The audio is +4 line level and there are four 8-channel Output connectors and one 8-channel Input connector.

    There is a security bar provided with the system that allows an installer to secure the Input and Output cables. In addition, custom MASS connectors are available for all channels or separately for Inputs and Outputs.

    The redundant Ethernet connectors are rugged Neutrik Ethercon connectors configured as Main and Backup. In case the Main cable is compromised, the system will automatically and seamlessly switch to the Backup cable and light an Indicator LED. In addition to redundant Ethernet connectors and an optional redundant power supply, the unit has a covered power switch to prevent accidental power loss. There is also a power cable security bracket. The S-4000H is rack mountable and provides flush or recessed mounting positions so a cover can be placed on its rack case while connectors are still in place.

    The S-4000H offers high quality line level Inputs and Outputs for Split or FOH locations along with Ethernet and optional power supply redundancy for a high quality, secure system.

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