1200 Spot Lighting Fixture

    Manufacturer Description

    The inbuilt framing shutters enable the fixture to be used like any standard profile discharge lightsource, when very precise framing and pin-pointing of objects and areas onstage is required. This will be of great interest for theatrical applications and TV productions. For full flexibility, the framing shutter module uses 4 rotating blades, and the final framed image can also be rotated. All other features and functions are similar to the standard ColorSpot 1200E ATTM, with 1 x rotating gobo wheel, 1 x frost effect and iris, 1 x colour wheel and variable CMY and CTO.

    • SOURCE

      • Lamp: 1200 W short arc discharge
      • Base: GY22
      • Approved model: Philips MSR 1200 SA
      • Control: Automatic and remote on/off
      • Ballast: Magnetic

      • Wiring options: 208/230/250 V, 50/60 Hz
      • Power consumption: 1600 VA at 230 V/50 Hz

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