Quantum 225

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    Selling a brand new Quantum 225 console and stage I/O for a cancelled order.  Order has been shipped from DiGiCo and on its way into the United States.  The following items are included.  You are purchasing this directly from a DiGiCo dealer.  Everything will come with manufactures warranty.  This is a great deal, as current order time for this product can be 12+ weeks! Items are set to arrive within a week or two!  Will ship directly from Group One. (1) X-Q225-WS

    • Digital Sound Console
    (1) MOD-WAVES-Q2
    • Internal Waves Card Addition
    (1) X-D2-AN-M
    • D2 Madi Stage Box
    (2) MOD-D2R-DAC
    • Analog 8 Line Output Cards

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