Lighting Playback Controllers (LPC)

    Manufacturer Description

    • Realtime control of playback selection and lighting levels - gracefully transition between scenes, sequences, effects and pixel-mapped media

    • Supports DMX and DALI colour mixing fixtures, conventional dimmable fixtures/ballasts and automated/moving lights

    • Standard triggering interfaces include RS232, MIDI, digital inputs, realtime & astronomical clock with optional modules for DMX input, RS485, DALI, SMPTE timecode, audio, etc.

    • Conveniently and intuitively programmed and simulated on a Windows® or Macintosh® PC then uploaded to the installed units over Ethernet or USB

    • Monitor, trigger and reprogram units remotely and securely using a web browser over the internet or a telemetry system, for example SMS or GPRS

    • Compact DIN-rail unit, solid state, instant-on, fit & forget solution - scalable over Ethernet

    • Two models available:  LPC 1 (512 DMX channels) and LPC 2 (1024 DMX channels)

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