UPA-1A Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker

    Manufacturer Description

    Designed for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications, the compact arrayable UPA-1A allows for controlled coverage of wide areas in theatre, club and concert sound reinforcement. The powerful loudspeaker delivers high sound pressure levels with extremely low distortion, for maximum intelligibility and fidelity.

    The bi-amplified loudspeaker consists of a proprietary 12-inch low-frequency cone driver in a vented enclosure with a 90-degree high-frequency horn and driver. The rugged, multiple-ply hardwood cabinet enclosure is fitted with handles and, optionally, aircraft-style rigging pan fittings.

    The UPA-1A specifications meet the most demanding professional needs. Yet Meyer specifies conservatively and responsibly, in verifiable terms. Even after extended use, the performance of the UPA-1A remains uncompromised.

    The UP-1A requires a high-quality professional stereo power amplifier capable of delivering 250 watts.channel continuously into 8 ohms, with signal voltage gain of 20dB (minimum) to 30dB (maximum).

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