Exterior 600

    Manufacturer Description

    The Exterior 600 is the leading 575 W intelligent luminaire, designed for dynamic and creative illumination of the built and natural environments. Reliability, durability and independence The Exterior 600 includes a fast shutter for instant blackout and strobe effects, a full-range dimmer and a color mixing functionality using the three complementary colors cyan, magenta and yellow to generate over 1 million possible color combinations. An additional color wheel offers red, green and blue dichroics plus 5600K/3200K color temperature correction as well as a beam-shaping filter. The Exterior 600 houses a remote motorized zoom ranging from 18° to 25° in narrow angle configuration or from 22° to 38° in wide angle configuration. With the frost filter engaged, the field angle can be as wide as 60°. This lightweight luminaire features a super solid weatherproof housing and a unique convection cooling system to ensure an all important product toughness and reliability. The IP 65 weatherproof rating means that the Exterior 600 remains functional even under the most severe weather conditions. The luminaire house a powerful long-life MSD-575 watt lamp for unmatched light output and is industry standard DMX controllable. Coupled with a host of automatic features including hour, day and date settings as well as a built-in light sensor which triggers operation after sundown, the Exterior 600 provides years of independent uninterrupted life. Furthermore, the MC-X remote controller can be used to call up as many as 7 pre-sets stored directly in the Exterior.

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