LMD-4420 4x4-inch LCD Monitor

    Manufacturer Description

    Quartet 4-Inch 4:3 LCD monitor

    Introducing a new line-up of Sony LCD monitors that enable easy multiple-monitor viewing.

    Designed to meet the growing demand for compact and lightweight multiple viewing monitors.

    Cost effective entry level monitoring solution

    The LMD-4420 is ideal for presence monitoring to match limited budget applications.

    Easy maintenance

    LCD monitors do not suffer from magnetic field, have perfect linearity and convergence, hence reducing the cost of maintenance and ensures the best picture performance.

    Low power consumption

    LCD monitors require low power consumption, which makes them ideal for installation in OB vehicles.

    Space savings

    LCD monitors are limited in depth, which greatly improves the installation flexibility when space is at a premium.

    Multiple LCD screen

    The LMD-4420 is equipped with four LCD panels built in a cost effective chassis for easy rack mounting applications. This configuration allows the reduction in the overall cost of the monitoring system.

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