DN514 Professional Gate

    Manufacturer Description

    Inputs4x FXLR,(4 independant channels).
    Side Chain on Stereo 1/4"(one for each channel). Ring = send, Tip = return
    MIDINo MIDI Connections
    4 identical
    and a master control section
    ThresholdRotary Knob. Determines the level at which the gate will open. An LED indicates when the threshold has been passed
    AttackSwitch. Toggles between normal and percussion (fast).
    ReleaseRotary Knob. 40ms to 2 seconds. Hold time (the time the gate
    will remain open before release) is scaled to the release value.
    LFRotary Knob. Applies Low Frequency filter to the Side Chain
    HFRotary Knob. Applies Higb Frequency filter to the Side Chain
    InSwitch. One on each channel. Individual bypass
    BypassSwitch. Master bypass. Takes all four gates out of circuit.
    Ext/KeySwitch. Switches the Side Chain input on to allow the gate
    to be triggered by an external signal.
    MonitorSwitch. Switches the output of the Side Chain filter to the
    audio ouput of the gate to asses the effect of the filters.
    SyncSwitch. One on master section. links the release times of all
    four gates. If one gate enters release, all the remaining open
    gates will go into release at an equivalent rate.
    MemoryNo memories
    PowerIEC Connector

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