GAC EN60 X 6’ Steelflex Slings

    Manufacturer Description

    Lift-All SteelFlex Roundslings are designed for Suspension Applications where metal slings are required. The many features and benefits of Lift-All SteelFlex Roundslings result in highly flexible, easy to use slings that comply with all of the current rigging codes.
    • The load-bearing member of SteelFlex Roundslings is made from steel Galvanized Aircraft Cable wound in an endless configuration. This wire core is encased in a black double-wall, polyester jacket.
    • A unique inspection window allows for easy inspection of the core for broken wires and corrosion.
    • Increased Safety:
      • Improved cut resistance.
      • Higher heat resistance.
      • Conforms to load to grip securely.
      • Window allows complete core inspection.
    • Saves Time:
      • No backup rigging required.
      • Fewer components to inventory and carry.
      • Superior flexibility makes rigging easy.
      • Tan colored Tuff-Tag confirms steel core.
    • Saves Money:
      • Gives you the slings you want to use (roundslings), without having to buy the slings you would be required to use (wire rope or chain).
      • Lowers show to show freight costs.

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