OctoPre LE

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    If you’re looking to expand your current interface, you owe it to yourself to check out the OctoPre LE. With the optional 8-channel A-D/D-A ADAT converter installed, the OctoPre LE provides an almighty I/O expansion, finally making full use of your previously redundant ADAT ports 

    And what an expansion!
    Eight Focusrite world-class preamps, eight channels of 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion with class-leading performance, 2 ‘Super Channels’ with quality DI and switchable impedance for a full sonic palette, as well as switchable dBFS peak level input metering for every channel. With everything controllable from the front fascia, you’ll be recording and monitoring multiple channels in minutes.

    • 8 Focusrite Pre-amps - Inspired by the award-winning Green range
    • Optional 8 channel ADAT A-D / D-A - featuring class-leading price vs. performance and specifications
    • 2 Super Channels - Featuring Inst. inputs on both, and Phase reverse on the first
    • Switchable impedance - The fi rst two channels also feature switchable impedance, allowing you to get more from your microphone
    • 8 Front Panel Line inputs - allows quick and easy connection of line level sources
    • Ocean blue “port hole” peak level input meter - finishing off another Focusrite gem

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