Response Opto-Splitter

    Manufacturer Description

    The OPTO-Splitter allows a single DMX512 line to be configured in a star configuration.  There are 5 separate DMX512 outputs and optically isolates inputs from outputs for ground fault isolation.  It is available in 19-inch, 1U EIA rack mount or portable versions.

    • Brand: ETC
    • Lighting Control - Device Type: Splitter/Repeater
    • Lighting Control - Control Protocol: DMX
    • Lighting Control - Output Capacity: 512 (1 Universe)
    • Lighting Control - Monitors: None
    • Lighting Control - Motorized Faders: No
    • Lighting Control - Onboard Visualizer: No
    • Lighting Control - Power: Auto-Switching 120-240v 50-60Hz

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