Krypton 10 (Kr 10)

    Manufacturer Description

    The Krypton 10 (Kr 10) is the most versatile matrix to be introduced to the lighting industry. With its pre programmed built in programs or the option of independent modular option, the Kr 10 creates a new type of lighting system. Full 10 channel pixel mapping of the 10 MR16 75 watt Halogen Lamps gives you total control with full dimming capabilities. The 4 DMX modes allows you to control the Kr 210?s lamps. Chose either 0ne, two, five or ten channel mode of operation leaves you in total control. There are even Built in macros will wow your audience. So versatile.

    The Kr 10 Comes with 3 pin XLR DMX connectors. Neutrik Powercon connectors come as standard power input.Edison to Powercon is also included.

    The Kr 10 dimensions are 1meter long and just 8cm wide. This allows the Kr 25 to be installed in a night club or anywhere on stage. We also have custom Elements Kr 10 road cases which fit 4 Kr 10?s with their yolks and a compartment for cables. These cases are on wheels and have case trays on top for easy stacking. Low profile, less truck space. Smart.

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