DMXLan Node 3

    Manufacturer Description

    The node3 is a DMX/Network node with three DMX- and two network connection ports.

    It is programmable thru our free dmXLAN software or the LCD-Display and the front panel commands. 3DMX connection ports (independent from the hardware they can be individually used as input or output). Two network connection ports, that can be simultaneously used, as they are both connected to an internal switch. The second connection port act as link to an external device such as for ex. a PC or a lighting desk.

    DMX input options programmable as Normal or Backup. DMX output options programmable as Normal, HTP, LTP or Custom merge, priority merging and sofpatch. Assumes the console functions (for.ex backstage technicians). Visualizer input supports softwares like WYSIWYG, ESP, Capture and many others. Powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet).

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