LC-XGC500L Projector

    Manufacturer Description

    LC-XGC500L 5000 ANSI Lumens (sold without lens).


    • 5000 ANSI Lumens bright at 90% uniformity and a 1100:1 contrast ratio.
    • 3 panel LCD imaging for rich, color saturated computer and video projection.
    • XGA resolution. Smart data compression / expansion, and video scaling.
    • Lamp changer & cartridge air filter for mission critical/hard-to-reach installs.
    • Includes most professional input configurations, including 5 BNC and DVI.
    • Accepts analog and digital computer input, analog and digital w/HDCP video.
    • Compatible with Computer sources up to UXGA, Video sources up to 1080i.
    • Power zoom and focus. H & V Power lens shift. Digital keystone correction.
    • Optional WideAngle and Telephoto Lenses. Instant Lens Change System.
    • Converts interlace to progressive scan. 3-2 (and 2-2) pulldown support.
    • Variable Power Management Option. Optional Local or Remote Keylock.
    • Custom Warmup Screen Image Option. Built-in Color Auto Picture
    • Wireless/wired remote w/mouse and laser pointer. -50%~+700% digital zoom. Control.

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