EIP-HDT20 1-Chip DLP Projector

    Manufacturer Description

    HDTV, 6,500 ANSI Lumens, 1-Chip DLP Projector


    • Full HD 1080p resolution. 6,500 Lumens7,500:1 contrast ratio.
    • Single Chip DLP® imaging technology delivers a "seamless" image.
    • Upscales 720p. Supports other widescreen and standard aspect ratios.
    • Includes 6-segment dual color wheel set can be installed for rich color.
    • 2 fixed inputs include a full suite of standard professional connections.
    • 2 module bays permit customization. Network control module included.
    • Optional modules include Dual (HD/SD) SDI and HD Wireless Receiver.
    • Power Zoom and Focus. Optional Wideangle and Telephoto lenses.
    • Both horizontal and vertical power lens shift. Built-in Mechanical shutter.
    • Centered lens and one-way airflow simplify installation. Quick lens installation.
    • Dual lamp system provides redundancy and permits 4 brightness levels.
    • Illuminated control panel & wireless/wired remote. RS-232 & Network control.
    • Power Management, Keylock Security, and Custom Warmup Screen options.

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